Men’s Health Pocket Trainer

Men’s Health Pocket Trainer | Are you on the road and want to stay fit after lounging around all those drinks and food you will never dare to admit you ingested during your holidays. Well FYI, walking aroung your International Destination will not apply to the urban myth of “… Oh I went on holidays, and I walk so much that I lost wait…” bullocks… It is easy and you can have it on the palm of your hand, matched with your favorite workout session of music. Men’s Health Workouts App. Is your pocket Trainer while away from your daily routine, even saving your workouts, when at some of those crapy hotel gyms (standard rooms turned into Fitness Centers just to justify the extra star or boutique standard, that we all fall for). So know you know. Actualy, I am posting this while at the gym… How covenient indeed. After all you always need to look great, who knows what your holidays experience might turn into, right. So no more excuses,less wine, cheese and pasta and more cardio. xoxo CM (*) you may find and download Men’s Health Workouts App. and extension packages on iTunes for iPhone (USD 1.99) or following this link @