And we are officially MARRIED

Carlos Melia and Rubin Singer MarriageAnd we are officially MARRIED  |  New York, United States  |  Yesterday I changed my status to MARRIED. After 4 years of being together, Rubin Singer and I decided to tie the knot and formalize legally our love and commitment to each other. Early morning, we went to the City Hall in New York and got our Marriage License, follower by a lovely breakfast at Locanda Verde, hosted by our dear friend Michael Romei. That same evening we celebrated with all our dear New York friends and family, with a magical private dinner at the Wine Cellar of the 21 Club by Belmond. Continue reading And we are officially MARRIED

Chateau Bouffemont YES I DO

Chateau Bouffemont by Chateau Bouffemont YES I DO  |  Paris, France  |  Upon arrival to Orly Airport, Paris France, after my 7 hours flight on Open Skies from New York, I was picked up by a private car, and driven for 45 minutes, outside of Paris, to visit the exclusive Château Bouffémont, in the town of Bouffémont. A peaceful haven erected in the nineteenth century, the Château was the setting for prestigious ceremonies organized by former residents, the Marquise of Preignes and Baron Empain. Following a full renovation in 2012 by the new proprietor, the Château is now reserved to rent for exclusive use. Followed by a 30 minutes walk through the Château and the Estate, I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the gorgeous Salon du Baron, by talented Cordon Bleu Chef Aharon Politi . Their philosophy, the moment that you step over the threshold, you become the lord of the manor.  Continue reading Chateau Bouffemont YES I DO

Street Indian Wedding in Agra India

Street Indian Wedding in Agra India  |  Agra, India  |  If there is one thing that always amaze me are Indian Weddings. Big celebrations, tradition, colorful customer, lively music and great great energy. Four days of celebrations, food, drinks and all the incredible Indian culture. Indeed ranking high on my bucket list, but today upon my arrival to Agra, I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak at the street procession, where the Groom, in full traditional costume, was being taken to the main event venue surrounded by family and friends, to meet his bride, over a white horse. Continue reading Street Indian Wedding in Agra India