Un Jardin sur Le Nil scent at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Un Jardin sur Le Nil scent at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong |  by Hermes | OK… !!!! I have been receiving for the last two month, compliment after compliment on my new Eau de Toilette. People looking at me and saying …” WOW what parfum are you wearing, it is amazing…”. Or saying …” Carlos you smell great, what is it…” . Well I have tried to lie about it and claim – hey it is just my natural scent – yeah right !!!!. So I think it is highly time I tell the truth on this and credit the ones that introduced me to it. The scent is by Hermes and the Eau de Toilette is Un Jardin sur Le Nil. This is part of the suite bathroom amenities at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. So yes, now is in the open. HA HA HA one of my beauty secrets is now public. Also that I am a pathological hotel amenity lover. Jardin sur Le Nil, a secret garden, hidden in the heart of the city, in Paris. A fruity, vegetal, floral eau de toilette appreciated by both women and men. So people at the Mandarin Oriental, now you know…. ha ha ha please send more, that I am running out of my “Natural Scent” or even better, I will come back to your AMAZING Hotel and Destination to get it. CM