AIRE Ancient Bath two Thermal Bath Gift Certificates

AIRE Ancient Bath two Thermal Bath Gift Certificates  |  New York, United States  |  Hey New Yorkers.!!! AIRE Ancient Baths – New York and Carlos Melia Recommends invite you to experience the first Roman, Greek, Ottoman Empire influenced bath in New York City. Two individual Gift Certificates for one person – Thermal Bath + Aromatherapy Session of 75 minutes. First contacts me First takes. Email me to Enjoy.!!! (only by email and for people in New York or Suburbs). CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca

AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca  |  New York, United States  |  Yes you read right, now you can have your own Hamam experience in New York City at AIRE Ancient Bath. A Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empire influenced thermal bath, built in a former textile factory dating from 1883. Where body and soul come together and find equilibrium. AIRE, originally from Spain with three locations, now lands in the heart of Manhattan on Franklin Street, Tribeca. Indulge and pamper yourself.  Continue reading AIRE Ancient Bath Hamam experience in Tribeca

Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca

Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca |  Tribeca, New York | If metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things that actually have something in common, Mehtaphor is inspired by Asian urban tastes and scents, wrapped in Jehangir Mehta‘s singular chef voice. There is a distinct point of view here and a chef who touches every dish coming to each table every night to greet you and check that you are having an experience. Right in the lobby of the DUANE Street Hotel, an intimate dining area, including a dessert-cocktail bar, a true cocktail bar, a time-worn wooden communal table fully wired for laptops and internet access, and a delightful dining room. Continue reading Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca

DUANE Street Hotel in the heart of Tribeca

DUANE Street Hotel | Tribeca, New York City | Want to feel like home while being away and enjoying all the services of a world class hotel, then I am sure the Duane Street Hotel is the option for you. I know, the first thing it might come into your mind is… Tribeca?. Well let me tell you, not only the hotel is surrounded by restaurants and trendy shops, but also is located only 3 blocks away from the Hudson River, and 2 blocks away from the Chambers subway station (lines A, C, 1, 2 ,3). Premium member of the HERSHA Hotels group management, combining years of experience and personalized service. Continue reading DUANE Street Hotel in the heart of Tribeca

MEGU Modern Japanese Cuisine

MEGU Modern Japanese Cuisine |  Tribeca, New York |  MEGU in Japanese means “BLESSING” bless for the food you are having, bless for the joy of sharing with your friends and family… Then blessing for the presentation and modernism MEGU. Not only the main dinning room is fantastic, with the ice sculpture of the Buddha seating under an incredible original Japanese bell or bonsho, but the food presentation makes it more appealing just to match the taste.
MEGU presents modern Japanese cuisine, sushi, and sumibi aburiyaki—a grilling technique using bincho-tan, a special charcoal found only near Kyoto and prized for its superior purifying properties.  MEGU is a brand and an image of high quality environment that delivers the quality of exceptional things:  outstanding food, brilliant design and first class service.  MEGU is a harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients found from around the world.  Both MEGU’s menu and design concept are a blend of traditional and modern Japanese times.  Authentic and avant-garde  ingredients are combined to suit every palate.  The overall décor is filled with customary Japanese interior accents, complimented with a contemporary ambiance.With their original restaurant in Tribeca, New York City and a second location in Midtwon, MEGU is now expanding to other international destinations always following the same concept and philosophy that for the lats ten years has guaranteed their success. Now you can have your MEGU in Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi and Doha.
Yasumichi Morita from Japan’s Glamorous Co. has designed a unique and amazing interior for all New York locations – MEGU New York and MEGU Midtown.  In his first United States project, Morita was commissioned to design the two-tiered, 13,000 square-foot MEGU New York space.  Blending ultra-modern design with ancient Japanese details, the end result is truly astonishing: white porcelain columns—made of over 5000 interlocking rice bowls and sake vases—greet guests upon entry and line the upper walls overlooking the main dining room.  In the upstairs Kimono lounge, stacked bolts of over 450 rolls of antique kimono fabric cover the walls, while white leather banquets with soaring eleven-foot backs provide an intimate setting for pre-dinner cocktails.  The Kimono lounge also features floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the dining room.  Below, a giant temple bell, or bonsho, weighing over 800 lbs. is suspended from the ceiling and provides the centerpiece in the soaring main dining area.  The centerpiece also features a signature ice Buddha sculpture, elevated over a pool of water that is rebuild every night to ensure the customers of a spiritual and purifying experience.
The best and premium KOBE beef in New York. Unique Edamame on branches (USD 18) and their signature MEGU Original Crispy Asparagus (USD 22) japanese spicy rice cracker “okaki” battered & flash fried. Just fantastic. As a main course I recommend the Silver Cod with Yuzu Miso (USD 32). Also MEGU offers an incredible selection of Beers, Wines, Sakes and Cocktails from Japan and around the world.
Compliments of the Chef we tasted the 5 steps dessert. The Thousand Layers Green Tea Cake was the star of the night. Trust me not only beautiful to the eyes, but also to the mouth.
Special Thanks to the President of Food Scope America, INC Koichi Yokoyama, for a blessed dinner and evening at MEGU. Find out more about MEGU Worldwide at OH and do not forget before leaving to get close to the Ice Buddha Sculpture, ask for a wish and place a rose petal on his lap… just for the total blessing experience. CM