Social Media vs. Return on Investment

Social Media vs. Return on Investment  |  |  One of the best articles I have read on the hot topic among Hoteliers, travel destinations and suppliers, and Social Media. Many travel suppliers, specially hoteliers are still looking for the connection between social media and revenue generation or ROI – Return on Investment. Every day when I approach a new hotel or travel supplier and present my portfolio of digital resources and Social Media Network, I get asked the same question, RIO. Always my reply has been, the approach to social media in search of direct sales it is mistaken. Social Media is not a a purchase platform, but a proven successful positioning tool and decision making platform. Social media is about the EXPERIENCE and the CUSTOMER. Social Media is the new “Word of Mouth”. Clients/Friends/Followers/Fans they want to see experience, they want to see raw content, photos, videos…. finally someone manage to word in one piece the concept I have been trying to explain for the last 4 years, which you can see everyone online at / Source: by Tony and Jason Potter. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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