Legado Mitico Buenos Aires

Legado Mitico Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last week I had the chance to spend a night at the Legado Mitico Buenos Aires, a charming emblematic boutique hotel in the neighborhood of Palermo SOHO. Born to provide their guests with excellent service and transmit the best of Argentinean history and culture. They are emblematic because they reflect the Argentinean identity.  Continue reading Legado Mitico Buenos Aires

La Becasina Delta Lodge

La Becasina Delta Lodge  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  Located in a priviledged and exclusive location out of the Parana River, in the area know as Delta de El Tigre approx. two hours from the city of Buenos Aires, one of the few on growing deltas in the world. La Becasina Lodge (former La Pascuala) is the ideal destination and experience for total disconnection and R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N when visiting the city of Buenos Aires. 15 Bungalow- Suites, all individual, surrounded by water and hidden between the exuberant vegetation of the place.

I spent at La Becasina two days and one night, being the perfect time to relax and not get bored. The 15 bungalows were all taken, and the crowd was all and exclusively Argentineans.

The 15 Bungalow – Suites, entirely constructed in hard wood, have a private deck overlooking the surrounding waters. Slid walls of target, cane furniture and paintings that reflect the landscape of the place, come together in perfect harmony to guarantee the maximum well-being. The baths, of quebracho wood and spacious windows, offer reading light and separate shower cabinets. All bungalows have central heating and air conditioning to assure major comfort according to the different temperatures during the year.
The bungalows and common areas are linked by bridges or wooden passageways. In the Main Deck, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a bar, the restaurant, the main house and the access to the trekking trails and water activities.

Full photo album of my stay at La Becasina Delta Lodge. If you have troubles watching this photos, please follow this link.
The Lodge has its own boat, which by the way it is not just a transfer to/from the Lodge, but itself an experience to be enjoyed. The are regular departures from Bahia Grande Nordelta.
Navigation estimated time is one hour, covering the vast rivers and streams of the Delta, enjoying a beautiful landscape. For those guests who have their own boat and want to reach by their means the Lodge provides private moorings.
I am very happy to say, that I have found another alternative option for Gay Weddings. Look at the photo above, an ideal spot for a wedding, don’t you agree, of course with the added bonus of the style and ideas of the couple and myself.
The lodge has two restaurants, one located at the main house where you will have your breakfasts and dinners, and the other one, a beautiful gazebo over at the private lagoon. Both rooms and spaces are gorgeous.
The gourmet experience and cuisine is very basic and simple, but in full fairness, very tasty and of good quality, so no complains other than I was expecting more sophistication. A fix menu for each meal, announce a few hours in advance, with the option with due anticipation, to modify your options according to any dietary restrictions. Now breakfast was indeed very very basic and to my understanding poor and boring.
The lodge offers water activities (included in the price) such as water wheeling and kayak. A perfect way to explore the Island, swim, fish and enjoy the natural environment.
There are several paths opened in the forest. Boots and rain gear are at your disposition. Trekking around the island, which in fact wont take you longer than 15 minutes, but it shows off a beautiful island scenery.

I am not going to say much about the region of El Tigre, since I have blogged about it before, see here. The lodger is ocated in Arroyo Las Cañas, a small stream at the Islands 2nd Section of Paraná River Delta´s, San Fernando district, province of Buenos Aires, the property is characterized by the semi- wild nature as well as by the scarce population. This area takes both banks on approximately 1 mile of Arroyo Las Cañas, for which a stay of relax and serenity is granted.
My only comments with La Becasina Delta Lodge, is that the rural glamour of the Lodge is not fully matched by the sophistication and refinement of the service. What I mean by this, is that the structure, design and style of the main house and the bungalows are perfect and in sync with the environment, but the management, staff and happening of the lodge needs to step up to match the beauty and charm of the property. In an ideal world, I would love to see this hotel, with the same exact structure, maybe with a restoration of the pool area, run by the Four Seasons or Hyatt group. With a private yacht departing from the city of Buenos Aires, arriving to the island in full glamour to spend the day or overnight, in an extension of full luxury service and dining experience. Just an idea !!!!
My least favorite spot of the lodge, was the pool area. It looks a bit tired and the pool chairs were not comfortable nor pretty. The waters was always full of leaves and the bottom looked a bit dirty. Maybe it is just jaded spoiled me, who knows. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of public pools, nothing wrong with you own private plunge pool at your own room right.
My absolute favorite spots of the property were many, and I made sure to stay away from the rest of the guests and enjoy them in full: The pier, the gazebo over the private lagoon, the balcony of my bungalow, the living room of the main house and the main restaurant room.

Only one things annoyed me during my entire stay with them. You can take away, for the sake of relaxation and disconnection, the phones and the TV, I am totally fine with that. But if you say you have WiFi, even if you just offer the service at the main house, then HAVE IT. Nowadays with satellite internet there is no excuse not to offer this amenity to guests, and that is what I explained to them in a few words …” do not excuse yourself. If a tent in the middle of Africa, or a similar cottage on the board with Lao can have/offer WiFi, then anyone can… ” and for the record, having WiFi is not having a connection which takes users an average of four hours to upload a low resolution photo.
So summarizing the entire experience. I would come back again for one night to relax without a doubt, but next time well prepared, with books, movies and lower expectations on the level of refinement and sophistication. The cottages are beautiful except for a few details, that I would change… as a matter of fact I must admit, and every so often I do this at hotel rooms, I rearranged the layout of the furniture in my room. But, as you can or can’t see from the photo above, I will keep the new layout to myself, I do not want to give my ideas for free ha ha ha …. I think it is ideal for a couple, for someone looking to disconnect on its own, to see the other face of Buenos Aires, and for a wedding. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco

Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Over the weekend on my search for off the beaten path luxury experiences outside Buenos Aires, I came to the rural area of San Antonio de Areco, known by many as the cradle of the Guacho culture, right in the heart of the region known as La Pampa. For this I visited and stayed overnight at Estancia La Bamba de Areco, located approximately two hours from the city of Buenos Aires.  Continue reading Gauchos and Folklore at La Bamba de Areco

Hotel Check IN Club Frances Buenos Aires

Hotel Check IN Club Frances Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Today I Checked IN for the next two nights at the Club FrancesBuenos Aires, in the neighborhood Recoleta, in Buenos Aires. During it’s more than 140 years of history, the Club has hosted personalities from politics, science, culture and sports world, always with an important presence and heritage of French origin. The hotel has 28 rooms, of with only two Deluxe Executive Suites like the one I am being hosted at.

It feels like old style traditional Argentina with true French heritage. The throw on my bed is Chinchilla, the furnitures are original, beautiful balcony, and a dry sauna in my bathroom. Suites on the front of the building have a very traditional and heavy French style, original French furnitures, wood floors, gold leaf wall plaques and heavy fabrics with prints. The back of the house is more modern in a contemporary Art Nouveau style.
The Club Frances itself, is the main building of the original house, which dates from 1866. On top of  the house, they have built a tower where most of the rooms are located. Stunning pieces of art, original wood work, marble fireplaces decorate with sophistication the club and the rooms.
The Hotel Club Francés Restaurant offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in a classic building full of history. Its setting is based on the restoration of antique furniture and works of art. The arrangement of the tables simulates a luxurious private dining room. Also on the second floor, the club has three rooms for events, with stunning chandeliers as the main protagonists.

I will be posting more comments and my full review on the hotel upon check out, after my two nights experience at Club Frances, during my stay in Buenos Aires. Stay tuned. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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