Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok

Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  My friend and colleague Douglas, owner of Purple Dragon Travel, phoned me up and told me… get ready for a ride, I will take your for dinner to a place where only locals go. Minutes after I was ready to go and experience a feast of local Thai food, and indeed that is what I got. When I told the concierge at my hotel that I was going to Che Koy, he looked at me and started laughing. He said … ” Carlos, how do you know about this place…” and that was the confirmation I needed to have to know it was going to be just brilliant. Continue reading Che Koy dinning like a local in Bangkok

THAI Cooking class in Chiang Mai

THAI Cooking class in Chiang Mai  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Since the day I arrived to Thailand, I have been fascinated by their cuisine, new vegetables and fruits, flavors, textures and scents…. and well being a big rice lover and huge foody as I am, when I was offered to experience a real THAI Cooking class with renown Chiang Mai’s Master Chef  Pongsak Siripham, I could not say no. Now I am ready for a long nap. Continue reading THAI Cooking class in Chiang Mai

Apsara Dinning River Cruise

Apsara Dinning River Cruise  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Sail along the Chrao Praya River and dine like a Thai King, while enjoying some of the best night water views of the Grand Palace, Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn among many other landmarks of Bangkok. Apasara is a fine Thai dinning river cruise ran by the Banyan Tree Hotels Group. Sail on an old tradition converted rice barge. Shimmering temples, glistening skyscrapers and a rich stream of passing nocturnal traffic will greet you from every direction.  Continue reading Apsara Dinning River Cruise