PAM ANN live in New York reloaded by Steven Slater’s presence

PAM ANN live in New York reloaded by Steven Slater’s presence |  SOHO, New York |  If you thought that PAM ANN was hilarious, her last show at Joe’s Pub in New York city went beyond surreal, with the presence in the audience of Steven Slater, the 38-year-old former JetBlue flight attendant, who allegedly cursed out an entire aircraft, grabbed a beer and then exited the plane by deploying the emergency slide. I mean to TITANS unite for only one cause, make fun of Airlines, Flight Attendants and their passengers.
For those of us who work in the Travel and Hospitality Business, and spend more hours that we can count on planes, we can related to every single impersonation and situation. My absolute favorites are Virgin Airways, British Airways, Japan Airlines and of course Alitalia.

On a separate note, Joe’s Pub is a great space that periodically presents very interesting show, performers and artists from all over the world. The room has tree sections, as PAM ANN defined it very well: Economy (where the bar is located), Business Class (a huge sofa where you can seat to enjoy a drink during the show) and First Class (right next to the stage, where they serve a full a la carte menu). My comments ? the show was great, funny, interactive… of course that having an audience of almost 90% gay guys cheering for her makes a huge difference, but the food was overpriced and the menu that night was not in full.

PAM ANN has become an icon over the years, with live television commercials like the video above that she did for British Airways. For more information on PAM ANN please check her website @