Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Queen of Broadway ?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Queen of Broadway ? |  New York City, Broadway |  Fellows there is a new show in town – Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical – and mark my words, will stay for long. So Spiderman stop learning how to fly, undust your pink wig and learn how to sing and dance, because there is brand new tough competition just around the corner. Long gone are the days were Drag Queens where a bad word, now they rein in the Big Apple across Broadway. La Cage aux Folles and now Priscilla Queen of the Desert.… No, my friends, despite they do look like ones, the are no Drag Queens in Mamma Mia. And for tenth time… Nathan Lane is not in drag any more, now he plays a man at The Adam’s Family, go figure, no kidding they are a very special family with him on that role.
What a fantastic show. What an amazing make-believe scenography recreating the original motion picture by Stephan Elliot and Allan Scott. The glitz and glam of New York city, with one of the best products to come out of Australia, of course after Muriel’s Wedding, Kylie Minogue and Hugh Jackman. OH For God sake, No, again.. Nicole Kidman is not a Drag Queen either, give it a rest man.
What a talented, great looking cast leaded by Will Swenson Tick (Mitzi), Tony Sheldon Bernadette, Nick Adams Adam (Felicia) and the DIVAS. Colorfull, elaborated, tight and revealing costumes, catchy rhythms and songs, enterntaining choreographies, will make you dance, laugh, sing and clap during 3 hours, leaving you craving for more and more. My favorite acts both performed by Adam (Felicia) were The Road to Nowhere with the leading scene of Felicia on the roof of the Bus with the long dress and the classic music, and the opening act where Felicia plays Material Girl by Madonna.
There is a bunch of new over talented Drag Queens in town and not even SpiderMan will be able to glam them out with his boring spiderwebs. Seen them all, Mamma Mia, La Cage aux Folles, The Adam’ss Family, Wicked, Billy Elliot and my recommendation to all of them, watch out to  the Australian sensation. The Palace Theatre was sold out with queens and only a few kings both on stage and in the crowd. If you want to spend your dollars on a worth seeing Broadway show, then there is no doubt that Priscilla is one of you best bets.
Reporting LIVE from the Big Apple, Carlos Melia…. now heading back home. Can someone help me get out of this hills pleaseeee. They are killing me damn it.  CM

SpiderMan or UninSpiderMan ?

SpiderMan or UninSpiderMan ? |  Broadway, New York City, United States | What happens when a COMIC classic goes to literally the Dark or blackout, as how they put it during the show ? I think that SpiderMan got trapped into the spiderwebs of their own production. OMG sorry for all of those fans of SpiderMan out there, but I would have to say it has been one of the longest, dullest and most disappointing show I have seen in my life. SpiderMan Turn off the Dark, Directed by Julie Taymor (The Lion King), with songs by U2‘s Bono and The Edge, is still trying to solve many glitches of the show before they open officially next February 07 2011.
I was invited to a preview of the show last night at FOXWOODS Theater in Broadway. I usually refrain from doing bad reviews, I just rather let it go and not even mention them, but here the thing is that, they are focusing so much in the technical issues and setbacks of the show, such as the onstage accident of Christopher Tierney due to a harness malfunction, and Natalie Mendoza (role of Arachney) dropping the show for good after suffering a concussion backstage during the first preview, that they are not paying any attention to the story flow and the fact that second half of the first act and the entire second act is just BORING !!!!.
Song after song, you don’t know if you are in an U2 televised concert or at a Broadway show. To me it look like a school project play, with, and I have to give them this since I was blown away by it… AMAZING scenography by George Tsypin, that perfectly mimics the MARBEL style and esthetics. There is a 15 minutes intermission, where the comments among the attendees were not flattering at all… But hey don’t go yet, because if you made it trough the first act, through the nonsense of the villains fashion show and the story telling by this four young boys that completely confuse you, get ready for the second act which is even more boring and confusing.
What are your main expectations when coming to see Spider-Man Turn off the Dark the multimillion Broadway play. ? FIRST To see SpiderMan fly all over the stage and on top of the audience right.? Well you will see some of that…. not yet choreographed to perfection, or something you have not seen before in a live Rock concert… but indeed interesting and eye catching. SECOND to be amazed by the his spiderwebs all over coming out of his hands, well you won’t see ANY of that, except from the cheap confetti they use in the first act. SpiderMan is upstaged in two occasions by the stage presence and singing of the villainess Arachney (by TV Carpio ), especially in one of the most beautiful parts ” Rise Above ” where she comes to Peter Parker‘s dreams to claim his love and loyalty.
At least this was my impression of the show, and I invite you to come and judge on your own, after all I am not an expert Theater Critic, I am just another viewer.  CM