48 Hours in London curating new hotels and restaurants

48 Hours in London curating new hotels and restaurants | London, England | My journey aboard the VSOE Venice Simplon Orient-Express luxury train, came to an end, and it was time to enjoy London for 48 hours, before heading home. I know London, quite well, been there many times, and even lived in this lovely city for a while. So when I visit London, I spend my time mostly seeing friends, and exploring new hotels, restaurants and tourist highlights and attractions, to later curate the best options to offer my clients, based on my own personal experiences. Below you can read my 48 Hours in London curating new hotels and restaurants. For more tips and recommendations, check and follow me on Instagram, to see all my minute-to-minute past/current/future post and experiences on #GPSCarlosMeliaLONDON  Continue reading 48 Hours in London curating new hotels and restaurants

Hotel site-inspections in London

London by Carlos MeliaHotel site-inspections in London  |  London, UK  | During my last visit to London, over New Year’s Eve, I took a full day to review and visit a few hotels, what in our industry call Site-Inspections. I came to visit the following: The new Shangri-La Hotel, at London’s new iconic landmark The Shard. Followed by lovely and cozy The Connaught Hotel by the  Maybourne Hotel Group in Mayfair. The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, where I also enjoyed a lovely Fashion-Themed Afternoon Tea “Pret a Portea”. And finished my day at the trendy and happening EDITION Hotel London, with a few drinks at their original and intimate Punch Room. See my day in photos below.  Continue reading Hotel site-inspections in London

A regular and a new Gourmet option in London

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonA regular and a new Gourmet option in London  |  London, UK  |  On my recent trip to London, other that continuing my search for the ultimate Afternoon Tea experience, I have time to include a new gourmet experience, and my regular classic for lunch at the Wolseley RestaurantContinue reading A regular and a new Gourmet option in London

Novecento SOHO Bistro Argentino

Novecento SOHO Bistro Argentino  |  New York, United States  |  So last night, we decided to go Argentinean in New York, and one of my top choices when I want to kickback my heritage is Novecento SOHO. Located in the neighborhood of SOHO over West Broadway, this charming Argentinean Bistro welcomes you with taking the old mantra “mi casa es su casa” (my home is your home) to another level.
Small, happening but at the same time very intimate, to be enjoyed with a glass of good Malbec or Torrontes. Novecento combines the spirit of two sister cities ; Buenos Aires and New York. Novecento also pays homage to the nostalgia of the turn of the nineteenth century when migration from the old world changed the face and added depth to the fabric of city life. Novecento salutes the immigrant experience, the art of memory and the nostalgia for home which has fueled our cities.

Walk into Novecento, enjoy a frothy rich espresso with fresh-baked croissants at the start of the day. Read the newspaper? For lunch enjoy a fresh green salad with slivers of marinated steak while glanzing at a fútbol match in an exhilaratingly care-free atmosphere. At night the libations flow, enjoy classic hearty fare, and then dance to the bossa-tango of a live DJ. A short but lovely full menu that combines and mixes the best traditional Argentinean options, with some European touches, resembling the true nature of this country. Empanadas of course are a MUST as the starter, my choice Chicken juicy Empanadas with a touch of Chimichurri. (USD 10)
Another must, that I introduced to my boyfriend was the Provoleta. Literally is grilled cheese with herbs and red pepper on top. It is so GOOD. !!!!!  Traditional Argentinean provolone cheese au gratin, roasted onions, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and oregano (USD 11). As the main course, of course we both went for the classic Chicken Milanesas con Pure, lightly breaded with mashed potatoes. (USD 20). All went down with a lovely bottle of Malbec Terraza Reserva.

For dessert. !!!! Well the management impressed us with a degustation of Argentinean delights, including three of my favorites: Flan Mixto with whipped cream and dulce de leche + Chocolate volcano + Panqueques (aka. crepes) with dulce de leche. I am flying to Buenos Aires tonight for a week, and since last night, I already feel like I was there. Novecento is a new member of our Networking group MLGTPP and is the chosen catering company that will join us for our upcoming event to take place at the Consulate of Argentina next March 14th. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Carlos Melia Mondrian SOHO MUSE ?

Carlos Melia Mondrian SOHO MUSE ?  |  New York, United States  | Last night at Mister H Bar at the Mondrian SOHO, a friend snapped a photo of me on my post opera outfit. The look and the pose got me nominated by Morgans Hotel Group as the #MondrianMUSE of the week. A different way to talk and promote a hotel ha ha ha …… Thank you Mondrian SOHO for the nomination. Will try to keep the look to the title on my next visit to the hotel ha ha ha… CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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Balthazar Restaurant a New York classic in SOHO

Balthazar Restaurant a New York classic in SOHO  |  New York, United States  |  If there is a classic in the Big Apple, it is Balthazar. A beyond charming French Bistro in the heart of SOHO. Opened by Keith McNally in the spring of 1997, Balthazar offers a French menu prepared by chefs de cuisine Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson. Continue reading Balthazar Restaurant a New York classic in SOHO

FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week

FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week  |  New York, United States  |  Hey everyone… this week I was quite busy going around the city on meeting and socializing. But in the meantime, I enjoyed and discovered a few venues, restaurants and bars that you MUST try if you are in the city and include in your itineraries if you are visiting.  First one Beauty & Essex (www.beautyandessex.com) on the lower east side. Don’t walk away when you see the front store, just go beyond the green doors and your will see. Great drinks and menu based on tapas. I loved the Oysters and the Empanadas. Great vibrant crowd. Continue reading FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week

Imperial No. Nine at the Mondrian SOHO Hotel

Imperial No 9 at the Mondrian SOHO Hotel |  SOHO, New York |  OMG yes I keep eating and eating my way through New York City, and I have to admit it I love it. Well drinking too.!!! ha ha ha. But when you come to a restaurant decorated with such modern taste, surrounded by a fun and trendy crowd and to top it all they have a great variation of Tapas and wine, then for me that is the key for success. If you worry for the Gay meter of this restaurant, trust me IT IS VERY FRIENDLY, actually the photo you see above was set for a group of over 15 gorgeous guys in their 30s. Got that right, so get hold of your smartphone ready to check in into Facebook places, Foursquare and every other social network that will reveal your exact location in style. What I love about this space is that it is a glass wall tent right in the open, and as the sun goes down and the candles and chandeliers light up, it turns into a magic and beautiful room. You may also choose to seat at the more private area inside the main building. Imperial N0. Nine is part of the Mondrian SOHO Hotel.
At the highly anticipated Imperial No. Nine, located just off the lobby, Chef Sam Talbot introduces his sustainable seafood concept with a 150-seat restaurant. A long bar serves as a casual imbibing spot with a selection of handcrafted cocktails by John Lermayer, for which Morgans Hotel Group’s nightlife destinations are famous. The garden building at Imperial No. Nine boasts a timeless setting complemented by an elegant crystal chandelier collection and accented with potted plants and natural ficus trees, all beneath the shelter of a dramatic glass roof. The delicate, over-sized glass sculpture centerpiece, crafted by acclaimed artist Beth Lipman, serves as a reference to Cocteau’s story in which seduction takes the form of an elaborate feast, prepared nightly. CM

(*) Imperial N0. Nine @ 9 Crosby StreetNew York, NY 10013. Tel. 212 389 0000. Mondrian SOHO Hotel.

Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road

Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road |  Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong |  It does sound all mixed up doesn’t it, when you read Man Mo Temple and the Hollywood Road ? Well it is what it is….. Indeed Hollywood Road in Hong Kong Island is the right place if you are looking either for Asian Antiques or one of the best dining spots in the city, being that the SOHO – which in Hong Kong stands for South Of Hollywood Street, is just there.  Continue reading Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road

La Esquina a hidden Mexican secret

La Esquina a hidden Mexican secret ( NOLITA, New York City ) • I wont say much about the place because otherwise I would break the spell of the hidden Mexican secret, and I would spoil the whole experience that even I went through when I was invited to come over this restaurant and I found out it was just a Luncheonette stand for hot dogs and beer. Well the next was yet to come, that if you are lucky enough to be on the list….

Only a few snapshots since I wont say anymore. If I reveal too much they will take me out of the circle of trust and wont be able to ever come back again. NOW be aware that if you trust my judging and you happen to send customers or guest to this restaurant, expect them to call you and say… Are you F*** crazy, I am not going to have dinner here. Well just tell them to calm down, relax and go with the flow.

I would risk to say was the best Mexican dinner/food I have had in year. The Ceviche Acapulco market fish, fresh tomato, avocado, jalapeno, lime (USD 12), Quesadilla de HUITLACOCHE mexican “truffle”, roasted corn, mushrooms, queso oaxaca (USD 11), Camarones a la Plancha grilled gulf shrimp, butternut squash, spanish chorizo, cherry tomatoes, chayote (USD 22), Pollo Dominguero Tradicional 1/2 traditional sunday rotisserie chicken, papas fritas, string beans (USD 22) but the star of the night were the Roasted Corn with cheese and mayonnaise OMG it was literally a Mexican Orgasm. The dessert highly recommended by our waitress was the Pastel de Chocolate – Cafe de Olla warm chocolate cake, espresso, cinnamon, creme fraiche ice cream.

(*) La Esquina / The Corner @ 114 Kenmare, New York, NY 10012 (between Kenmare & Lafayette). Bookings only Tel. 646 613 7100. For more information www.esquinanyc.com