Hotel Check IN at Siam Bayshore in Pattaya

Hotel Check IN at Siam Bayshore in Pattaya  |  Pattaya, Thailand  |  One of the things you must make 100% sure when you visit to Pattaya, is to find a hotel that will guarantee you comfort and cleanliness, access to main areas, a nice outdoor pool, and most important quietness away from the night scene and craziness of this party town. I personally think that the beach options in Pattaya are not the best in the Gulf of Thailand, and not even close to those on the Andaman Sea, but I understand, it is indeed a great option for those travelers on the budget, those with only a few days to explore Thailand, and more so for those looking to party and had a great time. So choosing your hotel based on the beach location, I would say it is irrelevant. I chose the Siam Bayshore Resort for multiple reasons, over Pattaya Beach and only a few blocks away from the pier and the famous Walking Street. I have been to their property in Bangkok, the Siam City Hotel and I had a great experience, so that made me fully comfortable to stay with them. Continue reading Hotel Check IN at Siam Bayshore in Pattaya

Carlos Melia LIVE from Pattaya

Carlos Melia LIVE from Pattaya  |  Pattaya, Thailand  |  Today I arrived to Pattaya, the closest beach destination to Bangkok. Only two hours away for Bangkok, you can get access to the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. 170 km southeast of Bangkok located within the province of Chonburi.The perfect option for those either, looking for a cheap and on the budget option to Phuket, Krabi or Koh Samui, or for those looking to the closest version of Sodom and Gomorrah on earth. Continue reading Carlos Melia LIVE from Pattaya