101 Eating in Mont Tremblant

101 Eating in Mont Tremblant by www.carlosmeliablog.com 101 Eating in Mont Tremblant  |  Mont Tremblant, Canada  |   During my visit to Mont Tremblant, of course I fancied it up for lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinner, but also I tried the local options and the some typical Quebecoise delights. The some of the highlights were my gourmet experiences at La Quintessence Restaurant, Patrick Bermand and sEb L’Artisan Culinaire. But I also enjoyed to lovely lunches, one at La Diable Microbrasserie and the other at Windigo Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Tremblant.  Continue reading 101 Eating in Mont Tremblant

sEb L’Artisan Culinaire Restaurant

sEb L'Artisan Culinaire Restaurant by www.carlosmeliablog.comsEb L’Artisan Culinaire Restaurant  |  Mont Tremblant, Canada  |  Prepare to embark on an exceptional gastronomic voyage only minutes away from Mont Tremblant Resort, right in the heart of the old town. Savour a menu inspired by the freshest, most authentic local foods, as well as a seasoned chef who has tasted the best of a thousand sun-kissed ports of call, and a wine steward who has known what it is to enjoy the most exquisite spirits. Experience a moving palace, half mountain retreat and half sumptuous captain’s quarters, in which chef Sébastien Houle prepares the riches of the Atlantic with a consummate flair for juxtaposition, a sure hand and never-timid taste. His menu makes a rightful feast of the meats and produce of the countryside, and through the art of unique aromas and pairings learned around the world – directly from his grandmother in Sicily, from a master chef in Brittany, from a sorcerer of the Grenadines and from a pioneer of molecular gastronomy in Spain – sEb carries his guests into the heart of an unparalleledculinary voyage.  Continue reading sEb L’Artisan Culinaire Restaurant