Hotel Check IN W Bangkok

Hotel Check IN W Bangkok   | Bangkok, Thailand |  Set in the pulsating heart of Bangkok, surrounded by spicy street markets, vibrant nightlife, and top shops and restaurants. Last night we Checked IN at the stunning sexy and chic W Bangkok. I was not expecting much to be honest, since the hotel just opened four month ago, but I must say the this property has just jumped to my TOP 05 favorite properties in Bangkok. W Bangkok radiates with electric energy. It is sultry inspiring debauchery on its very own Thai style. We are being hosted at the W version of the Presidential Suite, which looks taken out of a premium Gucci store. We just love the style, design, and panoramic views of Bangkok.  Continue reading Hotel Check IN W Bangkok

ISSAYA Siamese Club

ISSAYA Siamese Club  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Brand new restaurant in Sathorn, Bangkok by renown acclaimed Thai Chef Ian Kittichai. At Issaya Siamese Club, Kittichai incorporates modern Thai cuisine and style with a relaxed atmosphere of lounge, bar, hip garden party vibe – all in an historical 1920s Thai home and its tropical gardens in central Bangkok. The concept and cuisine is certain to excite sensibilities that crave exceptional Thai dishes, artful unique ambience, and exceptional experiences. Continue reading ISSAYA Siamese Club

Baan Khanitha Restaurant

Baan Khanitha Restaurant  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Try one of the great Thai Gourmet options of Bangkok, high quality authentic Thai food in traditional atmosphere, providing the best service by well-trained staffs. Located next walking distance from the Sukhothai Hotel in the area of Sathorn. If you have the fortune to come with local friends, they will for sure order and assortment of Thai dishes that will blow your mind by the presentation, the colors, aromas and taste. Make sure to get the level of spiciness right to your preference, since locals love highly spicy food. Continue reading Baan Khanitha Restaurant

Patpong Night Bazaar

 Patpong Night Bazaar  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  The place is always busy and chaotic with all the commotion from from the street food stands,  fake copies of every luxury brand in the world, lady boys, GO-GO bars nearby and lots of foreign tourists. This market in Bangkok’s notorious nightlife district is often the first and easiest stop for many tourists just arriving to Bangkok. Continue reading Patpong Night Bazaar