Masseria Le Fabriche in Maruggio

IMG_3483 copyMasseria Le Fabriche in Maruggio  |  Puglia, Italy  |  Right after our visit to the “La Citta Bianca” of Ostuni, in Puglia, South of Italy, we carried on to our next hotel for the night, this time we not only where staying at a Masseria (local farm house) but also, a working vineyard and olives plantation, which promised a great afternoon overlooking the sunset over local wines and olives, and dinner. The estate called Le Fabriche covers about 20 hectares of grapevines, centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean Maquis. From the panoramic position of the “Serre Tarantine”, the 17th century farmhouse, the Masseria, overlooks this rural amphitheater designed by nature and by men over the centuries. The Masseria offers stunning views of the Ionian sea which is only 4 km far.  Continue reading Masseria Le Fabriche in Maruggio

Fishing Village of Gallipoli

Gallipoli Beaches, Architecture and more by www.carlosmeliablog.comFishing Village of Gallipoli  |  Puglia, Italy  |  I think my favorite destination, during my recent visit to the South of Italy in Puglia, was Gallipoli. A destination which apart for offering stunning beaches and attractions, is also important for its historic centre and its architectural beauties. Gallipoli is also know to be the main LGBT hotspot in Italy, particularly during the summer – Mako Beach, is just and example of that. Gallipoli, from the Greek “Kallipolis”, means “Beautiful City”, and indeed it is. On the coast of the Ionian Sea, part of the Salento region, and the province of Lecce.  Continue reading Fishing Village of Gallipoli

Wine Tasting by L’Astore Masseria

Wine Tasting by L'Astore Masseria by www.carlosmeliablog.comWine Tasting by L’Astore Masseria |  Puglia, Italy  |  Of course no visit to Puglia, in the South of Italy, in the region of Salento, can be complete without a proper local wine and olive oil degustation at a traditional Masseria (a typical agricultural estate) and a cooking class. Well we did both… For the first one, we came to the town of Cutrofiano, on our way to the city of Lecce, to visit the estate of L’Astore Masseria. L’Astore wines are favorites of celebrities like Mick Jagger and Helen Mirren. During our degustation, matched with local tapas delights, we tasted three wines. My favorites were the Massaro Rosa wine made out of Negroamaro grapes, and the white Krita made of Malvasia Bianca grapes, all local Salento region grapes.  Continue reading Wine Tasting by L’Astore Masseria