Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Center

Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Center by www.carlosmeliablog.comMerry Christmas from Rockefeller Center | New York, United States | As every year at the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, here is the Holiday Spirit. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

See the video at New York Holiday Season at Rockefeller Center

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Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Center by

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is ON

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is ON  |  New York, United States  |  So the yearly iconic tradition, is back and ON, right in the heart of the Rockefeller Center. Yesterday the Christmas Tree went full on, glowing all the way till the top crowned by the Swarovski’s crystal star. Tonight after my dinner at 21 Club, I walked a few blocks just to make this video and photos to share it with you all, as the first holidays gift to you by

A striking combination of art, science and technology, the Swarovski Star required a team of 15 designers, engineers and lightning  consultants in Austria, Germany and New York City. Taking more than 12 weeks to design, and over 2,500 hours to produce from creation to the final product. The Star represents Swarovski’s brand essence of cutting edge design, precision, and motivation. It was created and assembled at Michael Hammers Studios in Germany and shipped in 20 crates to New York City to be displayed, on top of the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
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Merry Christmas this time from New York City

Merry Christmas this time from New York City  |  New York, United States  |   I have just arrive to New York City, and this time I am wishing you all Merry Christmas from the heart of New York City at the Rockefeller Center, one of the most visited landmarks in the city, specially during the holiday season. Behind me you can see both the classic annual Christmas Tree with the Swarovski star, and the Ice Skating Rink. Best wishes to you all. Cheers CM

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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral |   New York, United States |  Yesterday, walking around the city after a fabulous lunch at gourmet chinese restaurant Mr K’, and trying to stay warm and away as possible from the piles of snow everywhere, before going back to my office at the Rockefeller Center, I decided to do something I have not done since I was 10 years old and my parents drag me by the ears to come and visit. I step into the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Don’t worry, it is still standing, no Holly Water boiling or foundations collapsing… I know I know I am the epiphany of the Antichrist, but well I take it as a visit to a Museum. And I have to say and admit that I LOVED it.
I am not the biggest advocate of the Church, I won’t go to hell for saying this… believe me there are many other reason why I have already won my One Way ticket to the center of the earth. But WOW you have to give it to them, what a fantastic Cathedral that nothing has to envy to  Notre Dame or any other European of its kind.
There are 4 things in particular that called my attention, and reason why I decided to feature it into my blog: (1). The quietness and silence right in the heart of Manhattan off the busy 5th. Avenue, it is an oasis in the middle of the Big Apple for peace and relaxation. (2). The heavy and beautiful Neo-Gothic Style just fantastic. (3). The private room in the back of the Main Altar. (4). The stained glasses, to which I have been in love for years.  and … OH yes. !!!! and the avant-garde hair style and fur, that one of this insanely rich old ladies, that  devote their entire time to service showing the eternal devotion and relationship between Aristocracy and Church, but hey that is not the point. 😉
The Relic of Saint Patrick. A beautiful encased crystal Celtic styled cross. St. Patrick, born in Britain, is beloved in Ireland and abroad because he evangelized the Irish, bringing the message of Christ to them when they lived in darkness. (so they say)
If you are a fan of monumental architecture and Gothic style it is worth the visit. It wont take you more than 40 minutes the most. And while your there, light a candle for the salvation of my mortal soul. But now being serious, please make some time out of you New York Experience and visit Saint Patrick. Check their website for Mass schedules, Choir and Music performances. You will enjoy it as much as I did, guaranteed.
(*) Located over 5th. Avenue in between 50th. and 51st. Street. For more information