Hundred Acres Restaurant

Hundred Acres Restaurant |  New York | 38 MacDougal Street, between Houston and Prince Streets, West of West Broadway. From a spacious front room a series of French Doors open to SoHo’s MacDougal Street. Have a seat at the bar and enjoy a classic cocktail, or a glass of wine from a list chosen by Cookshop sommelier Richard Luftig to complement food created by Ricky King.
A table decorated with fresh fruits and wines in Hundred Acres’ middle room evokes a farm’s welcoming kitchen. In back, a charming garden makes you feel as comfortable as you would in your own backyard. Hundred Acres’ fresh food, hip vibe and friendly staff make it perfect place to start or end any night out, whether you’re on a date, with friends or just want to stop by and say hi to your favorite neighbors.
My choice for the night: Almost World Famous Quiche broccoli, goat cheese, thyme, small salad (USD 11), Wreckfish mussels, clams, shrimp, carolina gold rice, spinach, currants, fennel-tomato broth (USD 27), side dish of Maine Shrimp Hush Puppies (USD 7), for dessert Bourbon Panna Cotta all together with more wine that I can handle this morning while writing this post.

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