Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires
| Buenos Aires, Argentina | So once again I am back in, my home town, Buenos Aires – Argentina. These chronicles, as a matter of fact, are the result of my last two trips, with a very small time lapse in between. The main reasons of my trips were, ( first trip ) surprise and celebrate my mother for her Birthday and ( second trip ) connecting from New York to Rio de Janeiro, were I will be during August, attending the RIO 2016 Summer Olympics, as the official travel agent for NBCUniversal’s VIP Guests and Executives. Let’s begin and hope you enjoy my insider tips of my city , chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires. For more tips and recommendations, check and follow me on Instagram, to see all my minute-to-minute past/current/future post and experiences on BUENOS AIRESContinue reading Chronicles of my recent visits to Buenos Aires

Eating like a local in Mexico City

Eating like a local in Mexico City Eating like a local in Mexico City  |  Mexico City, Mexico  |  You know me most for lavish gourmet experiences, which I did plenty at Dulce Patria, Rosetta, Quintonil and Anatol, but I do greatly enjoy eating like a local, away from the award-winning restaurants and chefs. During my recent visit to Mexico City, I went out of the beaten path and enjoyer more than one option…  Continue reading Eating like a local in Mexico City

101 Eating in Mont Tremblant

101 Eating in Mont Tremblant by 101 Eating in Mont Tremblant  |  Mont Tremblant, Canada  |   During my visit to Mont Tremblant, of course I fancied it up for lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinner, but also I tried the local options and the some typical Quebecoise delights. The some of the highlights were my gourmet experiences at La Quintessence Restaurant, Patrick Bermand and sEb L’Artisan Culinaire. But I also enjoyed to lovely lunches, one at La Diable Microbrasserie and the other at Windigo Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Tremblant.  Continue reading 101 Eating in Mont Tremblant

Novecento SOHO Bistro Argentino

Novecento SOHO Bistro Argentino  |  New York, United States  |  So last night, we decided to go Argentinean in New York, and one of my top choices when I want to kickback my heritage is Novecento SOHO. Located in the neighborhood of SOHO over West Broadway, this charming Argentinean Bistro welcomes you with taking the old mantra “mi casa es su casa” (my home is your home) to another level.
Small, happening but at the same time very intimate, to be enjoyed with a glass of good Malbec or Torrontes. Novecento combines the spirit of two sister cities ; Buenos Aires and New York. Novecento also pays homage to the nostalgia of the turn of the nineteenth century when migration from the old world changed the face and added depth to the fabric of city life. Novecento salutes the immigrant experience, the art of memory and the nostalgia for home which has fueled our cities.

Walk into Novecento, enjoy a frothy rich espresso with fresh-baked croissants at the start of the day. Read the newspaper? For lunch enjoy a fresh green salad with slivers of marinated steak while glanzing at a fútbol match in an exhilaratingly care-free atmosphere. At night the libations flow, enjoy classic hearty fare, and then dance to the bossa-tango of a live DJ. A short but lovely full menu that combines and mixes the best traditional Argentinean options, with some European touches, resembling the true nature of this country. Empanadas of course are a MUST as the starter, my choice Chicken juicy Empanadas with a touch of Chimichurri. (USD 10)
Another must, that I introduced to my boyfriend was the Provoleta. Literally is grilled cheese with herbs and red pepper on top. It is so GOOD. !!!!!  Traditional Argentinean provolone cheese au gratin, roasted onions, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and oregano (USD 11). As the main course, of course we both went for the classic Chicken Milanesas con Pure, lightly breaded with mashed potatoes. (USD 20). All went down with a lovely bottle of Malbec Terraza Reserva.

For dessert. !!!! Well the management impressed us with a degustation of Argentinean delights, including three of my favorites: Flan Mixto with whipped cream and dulce de leche + Chocolate volcano + Panqueques (aka. crepes) with dulce de leche. I am flying to Buenos Aires tonight for a week, and since last night, I already feel like I was there. Novecento is a new member of our Networking group MLGTPP and is the chosen catering company that will join us for our upcoming event to take place at the Consulate of Argentina next March 14th. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week

FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week  |  New York, United States  |  Hey everyone… this week I was quite busy going around the city on meeting and socializing. But in the meantime, I enjoyed and discovered a few venues, restaurants and bars that you MUST try if you are in the city and include in your itineraries if you are visiting.  First one Beauty & Essex ( on the lower east side. Don’t walk away when you see the front store, just go beyond the green doors and your will see. Great drinks and menu based on tapas. I loved the Oysters and the Empanadas. Great vibrant crowd. Continue reading FAB new spots in New York I have discovered this week ranks CarlosMeliaBlog as a Broadcaster and Influencer

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Wagamama positive eating in London

Wagamama positive eating in London  |  London, UK  |  Wagamama is a chain of award-winning pan-asian inspired noodle restaurants, combining fresh and nutritious food in an elegant yet simple setting with helpful, friendly service and value for money. With locations all over London, one of the many healthy and budget conscious ways to enjoy great lunches or dinners. My favorite dish there, Saien Soba (£8,50) whole wheat noodles in a vegetable soup topped with fried tofu, beansprouts, courgettes, asparagus, red onions, leeks, mushrooms, mangetout and garlic. garnished with spring onions. CM

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Chicken Tanmen at WASABI Sushi & Bento

Chicken Tanmen at WASABI Sushi & Bento  |  London, England  |  Those who know me of follow me, know that I am a rather territorial guy when it comes to settling into a new destination. I have a few things I like to sort within the first two days of my stay… and among one of those is my favorite Quick Lunch and full Dinner venues. Most of you will say go to Pret A Manger for a great quick affordable lunch on the go while touring around, but I am trying to push a little more. I am a big fan for Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and Indian, so being in London I am on the search for this type of lunch options. One thing I must say, is that London, compared to cities like New York, offer a more diverse range of Healthy Quick Lunch venues. For the last two days, I have been taking the Chicken Tanmen at different Wasabi Sushi & Bento eateries, and I will be coming for more. Just for £ 4,9 you will get a huge bowl of lean chicken white meat with vegetables, noodles, edamame and soup. Can wait to have the same tomorrow again. What other things I am territorial on ? well that’s for another post. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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OpenTable App.

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Jean Georges Restaurant

Jean Georges Restaurant |  New York City, United States | what do you get when you combined this two names Jean George and Trump… Easy right, one of the best experiences for all senses, in this case in particular a sober, professional, classic and exquisite gourmet experience.
Though Jean Georges Vongerichten is one of the world’s most famous chefs, his skill extend far beyond the kitchen. A savvy businessman and formidable restauranteur, Jean Georges is responsible for the operation and success of a constellation of three and four star restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Located on 1 Central Park West, right at the TRUMP International Hotel across the Central Park. I was there this past weekend for an amazing diner before moving on to The Metropolitan Opera (only a few blocks away) to see the last performance of Carmen. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturdays for Lunch and Dinner. For the month of January 2011 they are having a special promotion for Lunch (USD 26) and Dinner (USD 38) which I highly recommend taking advantage of.
During his time spent working and traveling in Asia, Jean Georges developed his love for exotic and aromatic flavors of the East. His signature ‘ vibrant cuisine ‘ abandons the traditional use of meat stocks, instead featuring intense flavors and satisfying textures resulting from the use of vegetables juices and fruit essences, light broths and herbal vinaigrettes. Jean Georges’ culinary vision and execution have defined professional standards for the industry.
I went for the PRIX FIXE 3 Courses Menu (USD 98). My order for the night was: Coach Farms Goat Cheese Gnocchi, Caramelized baby Artichokes, Lemon and Olive Oil. Crispy Arctic Char, Baby Brussel Sprouts with Roasted Crones and Dill, Smoked Bacon Vinaigrette.   Parmesan Crusted Organic Chicken, Artichoke, Basil and Lemon Butter.
As if that was not sufficient, courtesy of the house we got the Dessert Degustation, where I would like to highlight the touch of the homemade Marshmallows. Further information on Jean George and affiliate restaurants please check the official website

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