QGuide.com lists Carlos Melia as a Featured Member

QGuide.com is a place where gay and lesbian travellers share great looking Blogs, Reviews and Tips of travels or local outings, interests and passions with other like minded travellers locally and globally. CM by Carlos Melia, has been recently listed as one of the Featured Members of this prestigious networking site. For those interested my Profile there is CARLOS MELIA.

(sample of one of my blog posts that has been featured into QGuide.com Facebook Page, which has thousands of members and readers worldwide)

It has been an honor and great joy for me to be recognized, in less than a week, by multiple prestigious Networking and Press sites such as OUT Traveler GPS, PrideBook, Gregory Brian Byng and now QGuide.com for the work I am doing with Carlos Melia Blog, also being invited to share my posts on their blogs or sites and to become regular contributor. CM

(*) Special Thanks to Jack Gonzalez of QGuide.com for the nomination.