Rubharb Restaurant Scottish Experience

Rubharb Restaurant Scottish Experience by www.carlosmeliablog.comRubharb Restaurant Scottish Experience  Edinburgh, Scotland  |  It has been already two month since I began second world tour of 2013, taking me from South America, North America and now Europe, and every single night I feel the same way, this might be the best restaurant I have ever tried. The the honest truth is that they have all been amazing, and each of them are different and unique on its kind. This time, I have been captivate by the true and deep Scottish nature of Rubharb Restaurant, at the lovely Prestonfield House Hotel. Rubharb pays homage to Sir Alexander Dick, an early 18th century Baron of Prestonfield. He ferried rhubarb seeds back from China, turning Prestonfield into the first estate in Scotland ever to cultivate rhubarb. He received a medal from the Royal Society for his innovative horticultural endeavours.  Continue reading Rubharb Restaurant Scottish Experience