Manila Half Day City Tour

Manila Half Day City Tour  | Manila, Philippines | During my last trip to the Philippines, on my last day, I took four hours to venture into one of the activities most tourists hate, and on the contrary I find the most beneficial. Usually I choose small boutique tour companies, with strong emphasis on seeing the destination through the eyes of a local. I have done this in Iran, India, Greece, and found it so rewarding, getting to see and experience things totally out of the beaten track. City tours otherwise can be boring, but they provides you with a great foundation to explore new destinations, specially in cities as chaotic and populated like Manila. Continue reading Manila Half Day City Tour

Echelon Magazine April/May features Carlos Melia

Echelon Magazine April/May features Carlos Melia |  United States |  by Michael Lamb |   Echelon Magazine has just released their April/May 2011 Issue focused into Employment and Travel. Echelon Magazine empowers the GLBT community by profiling successful professionals and entrepreneurs, providing informative articles regarding finance, health, entertainment business, and promotes the increasing buying power of this segment. Acts as a beacon of inspiration for budding and existing entrepreneurs and corporate employees. Dispels the current myths and stereotypes of the GLBT community. Reaches corporate executives, managers, government officials, entrepreneurs and college students. Distributed via a targeted network of GLBT organizations, community centers, events, and newsletters , Echelon joins Black Enterprise, Working Women, Latin Business and the Asian Entrepreneur as an online publication that supports the power of a more diversified America.

You may see the digital version of Echelon Magazine and download the full PDF following this link | CM

You may see the digital version of Echelon Magazine and download the full PDF following this link |

You may see the digital version of Echelon Magazine and download the full PDF following this link |

You may see the digital version of Echelon Magazine and download the full PDF following this link |

You may see the digital version of Echelon Magazine and download the full PDF following this link |

Special Thanks to Michael Lamb – CEO / Editor In Chief for featuring me into the Employment and Travel Issue (April/May) and for such a wonderful interview. features Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World features Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World |  Manila, Philippines |  The most prominent web and social network for Gay Asian Men Worldwide, has recently featured Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World. During my last visit to Manila, Philippines, Anthony K., their contributor from Singapore, interviewed me about my past as Mr Gay International 2008, my current projects on Gay Travel and Blogging worldwide among other subjects.
Thank you Anthony K. and Scott Tsui – Founder of Check the full interview at SFGAM |

Manila Airport User’s Charge

Manila Airport User’s Charge |   Manila, Philippines |   Be aware next time you fly out of Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, that without any warning either by the airlines or by the local authorities, you will have to pay an Airport User’s Charge of PHP 750 or USD 17,50… and of course in CASH. You know when you are jumping from one country to another, using different currencies, and you hold on to your last coins to save them for the coffee at the airport. Well there it goes… And of course when I flashed my credit card to them they, they laughed and said …” Nagdaramdam Po sir…” Sorry sir no credit cards only cash. What was I thinking right. It is not the amount or the fact of having to pay an User’s Charge, but the inconvenience and last minute surprise, specially if you are running late and considering the LONG lines at immigrations. So keep this in mind or find youself walking around the airport looking for an ATM that works or has money. CM

Balut Philippine’s delicatessen

Balut Philippine’s delicatessen |  Manila, Philippines |  A Balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors in the regions where they are available. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines. Have I tried it ? YES. Have I liked it ? NO.
The Filipino and Malay word balut (balot) means “wrapped”. There are two types of Balut: Balut Sa Puti and the Balut Ordinary. They are often served with beer, and dressed with salt and vinegar. The rumors are that Balut is considered to be the Viagra of the Filipinos. My Tour Guide suggested before making me try it, that I should not eat it if I had blood pressure problems, which I don’t, but trust me First and Last time I try it. CM

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant Makati

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant Makati |  Manila, Philippines |  My local Filipino friends “FREN” took me tonight to the Greenbelt Shopping Mall in the Makati residential area of Manila, to have a fantastic dinner. Shabu-Shabu is a very well know restaurant chain in Philippines, with international ramifications. The concept is very simple… but messy and very very tasteful. The best way to explain it and describe it is a Japanese tuned Fondue.
The waiter pours the chicken broth into your pot, which is placed in a whole in your table with a heat control, and from there dinner begins. Using the Chicken broth, is how you will be cooking all the different vegetables, proteins, pasta and rice included in the menu.
Break the eggs and separate the whites from the yolk. Dip the whites into the chicken broth and let it cook. The yolk, mix it with the soy sauce. Now using all the products that the waiter will bring to the table: vegetables, bok choi, chicken, shrimp, crab, lobster, tofu, rice pasta and more… just dip them into the chicken broth and let them cook and settle. You are now ready and well inform to enjoy your best Shabu-Shabu experience. Our dinner was USD 20 ( Philippines Peso 800 ) per person. CM

Holiday Inn Galleria Hotel

Holiday Inn Galleria Hotel | Manila, Philippines |  coming to Manila and looking for a comfortable, affordable and well located hotel. Then take a look at the Holiday Inn Galleria. Located in Pasig City, just right next to the Shopping Mall.

The hotel is basic, but well located, clean, offering free access to the Gold’s Gym. Outdoor Pool area, multiple restaurant options, both at the hotel and in the Mall. My favorite was the central location, the views from the rooms (try to book high floors), the gym and the full buffet breakfast. CM

(*) Holiday Inn Galleria is part of the select list of preffered by CM by Carlos Melia Collection. For bookings or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me. | 646.460.6045 | Toll Free US. 800.729.7472 ext 205

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