BUE Updated Restaurant recommendations

Restaurant Recommendations Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comBUE Updated Restaurant recommendations  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  On most corners of Buenos Aires you will find a few hidden gems in terms of local cuisine, maybe not the most attractive to the eye, but trust me on this… very appealing to your palate. From my last visit to Buenos Aires, I have some interesting updates on restaurant options to try on your next time there. I went from the hip and trendy Elena Restaurant at the Four Seasons Buenos Aires, to some more local and traditional options, which I think far from an exclusive gourmet experience, still reflect the soul and root of Argentinean cuisine. So my friends get ready for a mix or Porteño delights, Milanesas con Papas Fritas, Provoletas, Ensalada Rusa, Matambre, and Panqueques con Dulce de Leche, because not everything is about “Parilla” when in Buenos Aires, trust me you will love them.  Continue reading BUE Updated Restaurant recommendations

Porteño Gourmet Experience 101

Porteño Gourmet Experience 101  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  So today I was supposed to have dinner with friends and they cancel, then with family and they cancel on me too, no my lucky night. But hey I am very well used to travel solo and dine and wine on my own, and I must admit I ENJOY IT. So I decided to have my full down and dirty Porteño Gourmet experience and I did indeed. When was the last time in your life that you saw a real Sifon on a table, amazing right ?
Porteño Gourmet 101. Going local down and dirty. Milanesa con Papas Fritas, wine of the house and Soda. Can’t get better than this in Buenos Aires. No renown chef, no Zagat review, no Michelin Star, just plain, traditional and basic tasteful food on a plate. I came to El Rinco Bar & Restaurant, which is located in the neighborhood of Recoleta, but to be honest there are so many amazing local restaurants like this in the city, that you just need to find out the best at the area where you will be staying. Buen Provecho. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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