Arthur Hotel Jerusalem

Arthur Hotel JerusalemArthur Hotel Jerusalem  |  Jersusalem. Israel  |  The Arthur hotel is a boutique property by the Atlas Hotel Group,  located on the famous Dorot Rishonim Street in the newly refurbished pedestrian area of Ben–Yehuda, The Arthur Hotel offers the perfect vantage point from which to immerse yourself in the romance of today’s enchanting Jerusalem, a historic city pulsating with fresh perspective and beauty.  Continue reading Arthur Hotel Jerusalem

A morning exploring the Old City of Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem A morning exploring the Old City of Jerusalem  |  Jerusalem, Israel  |  Early rainy morning in Jerusalem, was my first day in Israel. Was so excited, and I could not careless about the rain. So after breakfast at our hotel, put my A-Game on, since I only had 24 hours to explore Jerusalem, moving onwards to the Dead Sea next. Here my recap of the first half of my day, which included mostly the Old City of Jerusalem, with the Jaffa Gate, the Arab Market, the Western Wall, The Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, the City of David, the underground tunnels, the four Quarters Muslim-Christian-Jewish-Armenian, Via Dolorosa and my absolute favorite, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, followed a fabulous lunch at a very charming Armenian Restaurant. I will not go over each of the landmarks, since there is so much to say about each of them. Instead I will give you a flow on how our expert guide took us around to maximize the tight morning schedule we had for the Old City as part of our one week visit to IsraelContinue reading A morning exploring the Old City of Jerusalem

OBSESSED with The Norman Tel Aviv

The Norman Tel Aviv OBSESSED with The Norman Tel Aviv  |  Tel Aviv, Israel  |  I am officially obsessed with this hotel. After seeing several properties in Tel Aviv and all over Israel, I felt this was THE hotel option for me. NO, it is not on the beach. NO, it does not have the name or cache or the iconic hotels… But it is the new option in town, off Rothschild Boulevard on Nachmani Street, super chic, modern and trendy, at the new hotspot of the UNESCO World Heritage icon of buildings in the Bauhaus architectural style, White City.  Continue reading OBSESSED with The Norman Tel Aviv

24 Hours at the Dead Sea

24 Hours at the Dead Sea24 Hours at the Dead Sea  |  Dead Sea, Israel  |  I continue reporting on my recent wonderful week in Israel. This time on my 24 hours visit to the Dead Sea, located less than two hours drive from Tel Aviv, with a lovely panoramic scenic drive on the last quarter of the journey, along the coast of the Dead Sea, with the Judaean Desert on the opposite side, and a glance of the Jordanian coast.  Continue reading 24 Hours at the Dead Sea

Herod the Great Fortress & Palace of Masada

Photo Nov 27, 8 57 10 AMHerod the Great Fortress & Palace of Masada  |  Judaean Desert, Israel  |  The biblical Masada – modern Hebrew for fortress –  an ancient fortification in the Southern District of Israel situated on cliff top of an isolated rock plateau on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. Located approximately two hours from Tel Aviv, Masada by King Herods the Great, was one of top highlights of my recent journey through IsraelContinue reading Herod the Great Fortress & Palace of Masada

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Church of the Holy SepulchreChurch of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem  |  Jerusalem, Israel  | I have just returned from a lovely week spent in Israel. This was my first visit to the Holy Land, and for sure it won’t be my last. So I will be blogging for the next few weeks almost exclusively on my experience. Jerusalem without any doubts, was one of the highlights of my journey, and The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (also known as Church of the Resurrection), a landmark that truly touched me and intrigued me. Was quite surreal to me to be there. Identified as the place both of the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. The church has long been a major pilgrimage center for Christians all around the world. Reason why I have chosen it as my first post on my week long journey of discovery.  Continue reading Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem