OUT NYC will change the face of the Big Apple

OUT NYC will change the face of the Big Apple • Get ready, big changes are coming to New York City that will involve 05 of the most iconic gay companies/services,  that have joined forces to rewrite the entertainment and hospitality of Manhattan. I am not allowed to say more, since this was trusted to me by one of the main key players of this project, here in Buenos Aires on a private meeting BUT…

The best of the best are already working for you and Hell’s Kitchen (42nd. St.)will be the location. HUGE Multi gay complex, where your present and former favorites have joined forces to surprise and entertain you. Spa, Sports Center, Restaurant, Hotel and the most ever iconic gay disco of New York will soon re-difne the gay Hot Spot of this city.

(*) Coming to NYC by SEP 2011. Soon I will be sharing more information and details on this exciting project. Cheers. CM