Not so fast Mr. President Travel Agents are irreplaceable

Not so fast Mr. President   |  United States  |  Early last week during a town hall meeting in Atkinson, Illinois, President Obama remarked that “One of the challenges in terms of rebuilding our economy is – businesses have gotten so efficient, that, when was the last time somebody went to a bank teller instead of using an ATM? OR USED A TRAVEL AGENT INSTEAD OF GOING ONLINE? A lot of jobs that used to require people now have become automated.”

Needless to say, when Barry Liben – CEO of TZELL Travel Group, heard this – it didn’t sit well with him.  Attached, for your reading pleasure, the full response that was released to the media on Friday.  Today, Travel Weekly’s electronic edition features a condensed version and it has been referred to in blogs and other media outlets. All I have to say after over 17 years of being a Travel Agent, having gone around this world over two times, and being able to assist my clients with my own travel experiences, is GO BARRY LIBEN.  GO TRAVEL AGENTS.!!!  CM > Read the full letter