Venice Eyes Wide Shut

Venetian Masks at Il Caravaccio by Venice Eyes Wide Shut  |  Venice, Italy  |  Venetian masks can be found all over Venice, Italy and the world, but  do you remember the scenes and most importantly the masks of this Hollywood movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.? Guess where all most of the mask were produced. It was in Venice at Il Canovaccio, where they make from scratch Paper Machè Masks and Theatrical Objects. By coincidence, looking for masks and souvenirs, we ended up at this darling store. Since the moment we entered, I had the feeling I had seen those mask before, but hey, I said to myself, I guess they all look the same. We indeed, I had seen them before, same as millions of others around the world. We bought four masks, and I will be wearing some of them from now on with my black tuxedo, as part of my costume for Halloween and Costume Partiers, and who knows, maybe some Illuminati and Masonic ones. (the one above is one of the four we bought, no hanging on our wall in New York).  Continue reading Venice Eyes Wide Shut