Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Queen of Broadway ?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Queen of Broadway ? |  New York City, Broadway |  Fellows there is a new show in town – Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical – and mark my words, will stay for long. So Spiderman stop learning how to fly, undust your pink wig and learn how to sing and dance, because there is brand new tough competition just around the corner. Long gone are the days were Drag Queens where a bad word, now they rein in the Big Apple across Broadway. La Cage aux Folles and now Priscilla Queen of the Desert.… No, my friends, despite they do look like ones, the are no Drag Queens in Mamma Mia. And for tenth time… Nathan Lane is not in drag any more, now he plays a man at The Adam’s Family, go figure, no kidding they are a very special family with him on that role.
What a fantastic show. What an amazing make-believe scenography recreating the original motion picture by Stephan Elliot and Allan Scott. The glitz and glam of New York city, with one of the best products to come out of Australia, of course after Muriel’s Wedding, Kylie Minogue and Hugh Jackman. OH For God sake, No, again.. Nicole Kidman is not a Drag Queen either, give it a rest man.
What a talented, great looking cast leaded by Will Swenson Tick (Mitzi), Tony Sheldon Bernadette, Nick Adams Adam (Felicia) and the DIVAS. Colorfull, elaborated, tight and revealing costumes, catchy rhythms and songs, enterntaining choreographies, will make you dance, laugh, sing and clap during 3 hours, leaving you craving for more and more. My favorite acts both performed by Adam (Felicia) were The Road to Nowhere with the leading scene of Felicia on the roof of the Bus with the long dress and the classic music, and the opening act where Felicia plays Material Girl by Madonna.
There is a bunch of new over talented Drag Queens in town and not even SpiderMan will be able to glam them out with his boring spiderwebs. Seen them all, Mamma Mia, La Cage aux Folles, The Adam’ss Family, Wicked, Billy Elliot and my recommendation to all of them, watch out to  the Australian sensation. The Palace Theatre was sold out with queens and only a few kings both on stage and in the crowd. If you want to spend your dollars on a worth seeing Broadway show, then there is no doubt that Priscilla is one of you best bets.
Reporting LIVE from the Big Apple, Carlos Melia…. now heading back home. Can someone help me get out of this hills pleaseeee. They are killing me damn it.  CM

Broadway Reloaded 2011 Season

Broadway Reloaded | Three new shows coming to Broadway in the next two month Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical (opening February 28th), Sister Act the musical (opening March 24th.) and Catch Me if you Can the musical (opening March 11th.). Last night at the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010, I had a sneak preview of two of them Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Sister Act by its own Whoopi Goldberg and they look very promising. I already have tickets for the three of them and will be sharing my reviews with you all soon. So stay tuned…

Sneak preview of Sister Act performance at the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010. “Fabulous Baby” performed by: Olivier Award nominee Patina Miller and the Broadway cast of Sister Act.

Sneak preview of Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical performance at the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010. “We Belong” performed by: Nick Adams.

Sneak preview of Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical performance at the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010. “Priscilla’s Diva Medley” performed by: Jacqueline B. Arnold, Anastacia McClesky and Ahsley Spencer.

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