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La Compagnie Boutique Airline  | Airlines  |  Last week I was invited by the brand new La Conpagnie All-Business-Class Boutique Airline, to be among the first travel bloggers to experience and review their services, for their flights connecting non-stop New York (EWR Newark) to/from Paris (CDG Charles de Gaulle). La Compagnie operates with several flights a week on a full 74 Business-Class-Seats configured Boeing 757-200 known for its reliability, comfort, and fuel efficiency. The aircraft was previously operated by Icelandair. At the moment this boutique airline only counts with one aircraft, but they are planning to receive their second one next November, and they are even planning adding other destinations to their service. La Compagnie enters to the competitive market of the NYC to Paris route, with very strong players and some similar concepts like OpenSkies by British Airways. Flights depart from New York at 09.50PM, arriving to Paris at 11.30AM. On the way back, departing Paris at 5.45PM arriving to New York at 08.30PM. The story of La Compagnie officially began in October 2013, when DreamJet, their parent company was founded. Thanks to the association between air transport professionnals and bold entrepreneurs, La Compagnie was born on June the 16th of 2014. Watch the video of the cabin. Continue reading La Compagnie Boutique Airline

Porter Airlines Non-Stop Mont Tremblant

Porter Airlines Non-Stop Mont Tremblant by www.carlosmeliablog.comPorter Airlines Non Stop to Mont Tremblant | Mont Tremblant, Canada | Happy to share with you all my enjoyable experience on the ground and in the air with Toronto based airline Porter Airlines. This was my first time flying them, Non-Stop service from Newark International Airport EWR (New York) to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. From the moment I arrived to the airport, check-in was quick and smooth. Once at the gate, and have the great surprise to enjoy their own lounge (next to gate B51), exclusive for Porter Airlines passengers, regardless the class of service of fly. Fresh Starbucks coffee, juices, water, cookies and most important FREE WiFi.  Continue reading Porter Airlines Non-Stop Mont Tremblant

SuperShuttle New York cancels on you

SuperShuttle New York cancels on you  |  New York, United States  |  On the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, what it has been a very difficult week for New York and New Yorkers, I finally was ready to head to Orlando for a week to see and reunite with my parents. Since I was well aware of all the issues with all public transportation within the city and to/from Airports, all together with the lack of gas in the city, I decided to play safe and confirm my transfers way in advance. So went online to and in only a few minutes my booking was processed, confirmed and of course charged. So, happy that I got done with that, I planned everything to be ready at the meeting point between 8 and 8.24AM, which was supposed to be my pick up time to take me in time to Newark International Airport. Total expected cost USD 23.


The morning of my pick came, and  by 7AM I was ready having breakfast. I must admit I was a bit nervous, since the last time they also cancelled on me, but I managed to talk to them and reschedule my pick up. You know what they say, do not call bad thoughts because they will come true. Well there you go. !!! 7.27AM I get an email from them canceling my booking. Yes only 40 minutes away from my scheduled pick up and only 5 hours away from my domestic flight, they unilaterally decided to cancel my booking and leave me stranded.


Of course as soon as I saw this email I call them. And here is when their unprofessionalism, lack of sensitivity and false arguments surfaced. First the person behind the phone told me that I have canceled my booking at 4AM in the morning, that it was my fault. Really ??? me canceling a service at 4AM in the morning, and just for the sake of it waking up at 7AM to wait for the transfer??? are you kidding me ? (this was a false accusation). Then she said that the dispatcher called me and left a message. (there was a lost call from them that was correct, but NO message whatsoever, so another false argument). But nevertheless, I was not interested on chit chatting with her, only 15 minutes away from my pick up, I just wanted to get to the airport.


She said that this was very unfortunate, and that there was nothing she could do. That my money was being refunded and that was it. In plain english… I DO NOT CARE. GOODBYE !!!! So I explain to her, the situation, that my flight was in 5 hours, that trains were shut down, that Taxis would not take me and… yes of course… that they cancelled on mE at the last minute without any warning or time to allow me to plan for another option. She said, I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do.


To make the story short…. after a week of madness in New York, took me over an hour and a half standing on the streets, to get a TAXI,  which charged me USD 100 for a ride that regularly costs USD 60.


SuperShuttle could not care less about the situation, and decided to left me stranded, totally insensitive to the situation New York and New Yorkers have been through these last few days. SHAME ON YOU SuperShuttle, because I am not thinking only about myself, but all the other tourists and locals in New York that you might have left stranded that same day, without ANY explanation or warning. Second time they do this to me…. and this time I am expecting an explanation, an apology for trying to blame this on me, and finally a FULL REFUND on the USD 100 you had me spent, hostage of the situation and emotional distress you got me into. Worst Travel Service Award of the week goes to SuperShuttle, total lack of empathy, service and responsibility over their own negligence. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Giving a new chance to UNITED Airlines

Giving a new chance to UNITED Airlines  |  New York, United States  |  Yesterday I decided to give United Airlines a new last chance. Based on my last horrific experience with them from LAX to NYC, and based on my many complains, the granted me a complimentary ticket anywhere within the United States. Since I have to come to Orlando for my family reunion, I decided to use it. Also I did not want to risk it, and had to be onboard again with them for more that 2 hours, just in case you know, and Orlando was the perfect fit.
Booking process was simple and easy. This time I decided not to carry much luggage with me, and only take my carry on, which saved me to pay the USD 25 they charge you for every single bag you check in. Checked in online, and printed my ticket at Newark Airport.
For some reason, they upgraded me from Economy Class to Economy Plus, which features extra leg space. Seat was quite comfortable. Also I must say the entertainment system was very good with a nice selection of movies and TV shows. No WiFi yet. The power outlet in between seats, was there, but out of order, so not much help on that side. The crew was friendly, professional, well groomed, with a smile all the time and a great disposition, but of course, they were Continental Airlines cabin crew team, which makes a HUGE difference, at least to me.
The third time’s the charm, they say. Thank God this time they got it right, and we made peace. But hey United, I will be watching, so don’t mess it up. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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