Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach |   Miami Beach, Florida |  Where Health and Wellness meet Luxury accommodation and lush beaches. All I have to say is, if you want to have your Miami Beach experience in style and wellness, then Canyon Ranch is the place to be. From oversized rooms with panoramic views, full equipped gym, top world-class spa, organic cuisine and to me one of the best beach areas of the South Beach. Canyon Ranch has a long and successful history into well-being and spa venues, with its first and original Canyon Ranch in Tucson, their sister property in Lenox Massachusetts, and now Florida. The first of its kind, this spectacular Miami Beach boutique hotel combines the flexibility of à la carte hotel services with many of the limitless healthy choices of acclaimed Canyon Ranch health resorts. A feast for your senses, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach offers inspiring healthy living opportunities in a stunning luxury hotel setting – plus easy access to everything an exciting city has to offer.

Comment on this post here or at my Facebook or Twitter to enter automatically to WIN 03 nights on me at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach. How does that sound? Your own Suite at Canyon Ranch for two. (Final date to comment Wednesday JUNE 1st. 2011). No matter if you live in the United States or anywhere else, this is open to everyone. You can always find sometime off to fly into Miami and enjoy the best of Health, Wellness and Luxury. Tell us about any previous experience in Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, Tucson or Lenox, or post questions you might have about it. Looking forward to read all your comments. CM

(This was the view from my suite, which wasn’t even front sea view, so imagine that in full front). Housed in the modernized and restored Carillon Hotel – a classic of Miami Modern architecture – Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach will enchant you with its exquisite design and matchless views. Situated on more than 700 linear feet of uncrowded white beach, Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa – Collins Avenue and 68th. Street, is convenient to both Bal Harbour – 5 minutes – and South Beach – 10 minutes. This all-suite hotel just 30 minutes from Miami International Airport is an oasis of tranquility, warmth and healthy living in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.
Day and night, the views from their Suites is just spectacular, romantic and relaxing, which is the whole purpose of your visit to this property conceived and thought in detail for your experience. How about a romantic dinner or a glass of sparkling wine on your private balcony, after a full day of laying on the beach, treating yourself to amazing spa treatments, massages and beauty treatments. The perfect setting to unwind, enjoying the reflection of the moon over the water. Do you see yourself doing that with your special other? I bet you do.

Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach redefines luxury. From the polished stone and shell floors of the spectacular lobby designed by the pre-eminent architect David Rockwell to balconies with breathtaking views, every feature reflects the exquisite concept and vision of this one-of-a-kind classic. Your suite will embrace you in an atmosphere of contemporary elegance. With a warm feeling and wonderful views, you’ll find countless comforts and thoughtful surprises wherever you look. Ranging in size from 720 to 1,200 square feet, each one- and two-bedroom suite offers a blissful escape, your private haven. Suites are either One or Two Bedrooms.

Some of the featured amenities are: Plush robes and Mascioni® slippers. HDTV system with integrated Internet access. Bose Wave radio. High-speed Internet access, Ethernet and wireless. Multi-line telephones, cordless phones, DID numbers and voicemail. Kitchen with granite counters and KitchenAid® and Miele appliances. 400-thread-count Dreamcotton linens. Stylish bathroom with Italian glass tile mosaics and a rich spa feeling, complete with a deep soaking tub, luxurious shower and imported stone flooring.
One of the main reasons to visit this property is their Spa and Fitness Center. Which I have to be honest I enjoyed and used till the last minute, being sad to leave. The have a full weekly schedule of classes and lectures, that go from the basic fitness classes, to yoga overlooking the ocean to an indoor two-story rock climbing wall.  (Between you and me, the gossip around is that Ricky Martin trains at this gym every so often, so now you know.)
The spa is where Body meets Soul, in the 70,000-square-foot Wellness Spa, the largest in Florida. As a hotel guest, you’ll have full, complimentary access to this sparkling, state-of-the-art facility. Here you can unwind in their spectacular Aquavana®thermal suite, enjoy amazing spa treatments and explore your wellness with world-class experts.
Some of the therapies available are: Deep-Tissue Thermal Therapy, Muscle Melt for “Road Warriors”, Ashiatsu – Deep Barefoot Massage, Thai Massage, Sole Reflexology, De-Stress Chakra Ritual, Turkish Hammam Bath Ritual and Ayurvedic Herbal Rejuvenation. I took the Muscle Melt signature massage which was amazing, where they apply preasure on your body with this Tea Bags you can see above on the picture, and indeed you do feel like your muscles have relaxed to the point of melting. My other two favorites during my stay were, the Tropical Rain and the IGLOO Room. Try them.!!! End your spa and fitness experience at eeZz’s Juice Bar enjoying organic iced teas, fresh juices and smoothies made with seasonal local fruit.
The Luxury Choice in Nature, in a serene atmosphere of casual elegance, you can relax and float in one of their four sparkling pools, the beach with their own private section, where you’ll find endless ways to reawaken your spirit and refresh your soul. What I like about the beach in this part of Miami, is the narrowness and the fact that you can feel, smell and listen the soothing sounds of the ocean from every corner of the hotel.

I just to my time off to enjoy my daily runs along the beach, lay down and do nothing, take pictures and have one or mmmmm more that one drinks. The perfect idea of a short weekend gateway in Miami right.
The gourmet experience, I have to say that I enjoyed Canyon Ranch Grill, but I was not particularly thrilled about it. Although I really share and love their Organic concept, I don’t know I quite did not felt welcome and hosted by the restaurant/bar staff. The food was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know I was not all that impressed as the rest of my whole Spa/Fitness/Beach and Suite Experience. Hey you can’t have it all right. Anyhow they have a great Concierge service that every night arranged all our restaurant bookings, hitting exactly what we were looking for.
I took a picture of this, because I was very impressed by them preparing their own organic SODAS (Ginger Soda photo above), and carrying a whole line of organic Vodkas, Wines and drinks in general.

Comment on this post here or at my
Facebook or Twitter to enter automatically to WIN 03 nights on me at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach. How does that sound? Your own Suite at Canyon Ranch for two. (Final date to comment Wednesday JUNE 1st. 2011). No matter if you live in the United States or anywhere else, this is open to everyone. You can always find sometime off to fly into Miami and enjoy the best of Health, Wellness and Luxury. Tell us about any previous experience in Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, Tucson or Lenox, or post questions you might have about it. Looking forward to read all your comments. CM

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U.S. Orders Airlines to State Fees More Clearly

U.S. Orders Airlines to State Fees More Clearly | New York Times by SUSAN STELLIN |   Very interesting article about US Airlines and the extra hidden FEES. I relate to this story very much since, just yesterday I was booking a flight for myself on SPIRIT Airlines turning into quite a frustrating and disappointing experience. The government plans to announce a new set of passenger protections on Wednesday aimed primarily at travelers’ growing frustration over airline fees.
I was booking my flight from New York City to Miami International Airport. Price promoted by Spirit Airlines on an email BLAST…. fares from USD 9. I am a travel agent, and I am not fool of course, so I knew the story behind this. But I said let’s do a little exercise and give it a try, so I went along with it and did it. I went through all the booking process, passing promotion after promotion, extras after extras and so forth. Since I know in advance that I have to attend a conference in Ft. Lauderdale next month I had the dates and was ready to book. FYI lower fare on the competition USD 185 including taxes.
Logged into Spirit Airlines site and started with a base fare of USD 47 for the New York / Miami segment and USD 67 for the Miami / New York segment. The outbound and inbound from/to La Guardia Airport, which let’s be honest, is not the most accessible, convenient or modern airport in the US. Total fare before taxes USD 114. Taxes were around USD 37,40. Subtotal = USD 151,50. So I said to myself… OK I am saving USD 30 isshhhh… now here is where the trick begins and you start adding up without even realizing. Check IN Baggage USD 28 each way (total on Round Trip base USD 56) OH and that if you do it online, because if you do it at the airport it almost doubles. Seat assignment from USD 10 on each way, depending on the row and group number, so another USD 20. Food and Beverages, of course there is no food served on the plane and they measure the water or drinks on board so let’s say you spend another USD 30 in food and drinks round trip at the airport. The grand total now comes to USD 257,40. NOW were you aware of this when you went for the from USD 9 per segment marketing campaign? I don’t think so. In the end I booked with the competition the USD 185 fare…. but hey I was fooled again, since now I found out that I have to pay USD 25 each way for Check IN baggage plus my food (averaging USD 80) so my total now is USD 265. Of course that once on board they provide you with everything Headphones (USD 2 ha ha ha which are yours to keep if they last through out the flight), Pillows or Blankets (USD 10 each and we will turn the air conditioning on to make sure you freeze), WiFi (USD 12)… and so forth. Be careful now, because there are rumors that anytime soon they will begin charging for using the bathrooms, oxygen masks, life vests, seat belts and guess what breathing… Have a GREAT FLIGHT. !!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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