Getting to San Miguel de Allende

Getting to San Miguel de AllendeGetting to San Miguel de Allende  |  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  | When planning my trip to San Miguel de Allende, I did quite some research on the best way to travel there. San Miguel de Allende sits at an altitude of 6,435 feet above sea level. Located in Central Mexico, it is roughly three hours away from Mexico City. Guests may fly to Mexico City, Querétaro Airport or the Guanajuato-León Airport. Queretaro Airport has direct flights from Houston through United and Aeromar. It is an hour-drive away. Guanajuato-León Airport has direct flights from Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose and Oakland (California), and Mexico City, and is served by American Airlines, United and Aeromexico. It is a scenic one-and-a-half-hour drive away.  Continue reading Getting to San Miguel de Allende

St Regis Hotel Mexico City

St Regis Hotel Mexico CitySt Regis Hotel Mexico City
 | Mexico City, Mexico  | My stay at the St Regis Hotel Mexico City in photos and video. My last two days in Mexico City, I spent it with them. The St. Regis Mexico City is ensconced in the sleek, 31-story Torre Libertad. Located over Paseo de la Reforma, with stunning views of Bosques de Chapultepec and the city. The hotel felt to me more on the corporate side, than on leisure, but indeed a lovely stay, fantastic service and great way to wrap up my visit to Mexico City. My room was quite lovely and comfortable. The hotel has a great gym with panoramic views of the city.  Continue reading St Regis Hotel Mexico City

Eating like a local in Mexico City

Eating like a local in Mexico City Eating like a local in Mexico City  |  Mexico City, Mexico  |  You know me most for lavish gourmet experiences, which I did plenty at Dulce Patria, Rosetta, Quintonil and Anatol, but I do greatly enjoy eating like a local, away from the award-winning restaurants and chefs. During my recent visit to Mexico City, I went out of the beaten path and enjoyer more than one option…  Continue reading Eating like a local in Mexico City

Museum (ing) Mexico City

National Anthropology Museum Museum (ing) Mexico City  |  Mexico City, Mexico  | Did you know that Mexico City ranks as the global city with most museum in the world ? I certainly didn’t, but after my recent visit, I can endorse that. Here a few I visited and blew me away… Museo Nacional de Antropologia (Paseo de la Reforma) + Museo Soumaya (Polanco) + Museo Mural Diego Rivera (Zocalo) + Palacio de Bellas Artes (Zocalo). There was one I also wanted to check out, but didn’t have enough time, so I have it pending for my next visit: Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo (Colonia San Angel Inn).  Continue reading Museum (ing) Mexico City

Dulce Patria Restaurant by Chef Martha Ortiz

Dulce Patria Restaurant by Chef Martha OrtizDulce Patria Restaurant by Chef Martha Ortiz  |  Mexico City, Mexico  | Award-winning chef Martha Ortiz, specializing in festive and traditional Mexican cuisine in a modern-yet-sophisticated environment right in the heart of Polanco. A 90-seat high energy venue that has redefined the Mexican dining experience. The menu is comprised of traditional plates reinterpreted in a modern context; set in a lively, stylish and urban environment. The restaurant boasts two terraces that give the inside of the restaurant a serene spacious and outdoor feel.  Continue reading Dulce Patria Restaurant by Chef Martha Ortiz

Las Alcobas Boutique Hotel

Las Alcobas Boutique HotelLas Alcobas Boutique Hotel  |  Mexico City, Mexico  | During my recent visit to Mexico City. my first three days, I was hosted at the very quaint and homy Las Alcobas Boutique Hotel, located at the one of the most exclusive and trendy districts, Polanco and along Avenue Presidente Masaryk, surrounded by fashion brands and restaurants, with easy access to Reforma, Condesa, Roma and Zocalo. Las Alcobas well carries the concept of ” Your Home away from Home “. Luxury service and state of art amenities in a warm and friendly setting. In homage to their name Alcobas, a former residence, has been ingeniously crafted into a series of private home-away-from-homes alcoves.  Continue reading Las Alcobas Boutique Hotel

QUINTONIL Restaurant

QUINTONIL RestaurantQUINTONIL Restaurant  | Mexico City, Mexico  |  As I have mentioned on my Instagram over and over, I was great surprised by the Gourmet and Restaurant scene of Mexico City, reminding me of Barcelona. QUINTONIL Restaurant by young Mexican chef Jorge Vallejo and restauranteur Alejandra Flores . One mention. Did you know that Mexico City hosts two of the top 100 Restaurants in the world and 5 of the top 50 Latin American Restaurants ?. My early evening began at 7PM at my suite at the St Regis Mexico City, sipping chilled Veuve Clicquot enjoying the lovely views over Paseo de la Reforma and Bosqie de Chapultepec. And I say early evening, because the only booking I managed to get at QUINTONIL was at 8PM and for an hour. This is how popular this restaurant has become. Ranked number 10 on the list of TOP 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America.  Continue reading QUINTONIL Restaurant

My day exploring Centro Historico and beyond

Photo Feb 20, 8 00 33 AM My day exploring Centro Historico and beyond  |  Mexico City, Mexico  | My first day in Mexico City began very early. I was very excited to explore the Historic District. So by 6AM I was up and getting ready for a full day out. First my beauty mask, while doing some research on where to go and what to see. Right after, down the iconic spiral stairs for Las Alcobas boutique hotel, to enjoy a local breakfast “Green Chicken Chilaquiles” at Anatol Restaurant. Interesting facts to share. Did you know that Mexico City holds approximately 25million people and it is considered to be, the city with most museum in the whole entire world ? The purpose of this post, is to give you and ABC 101 list of the places to visit during your visit to the Historic Center of Mexico City, without getting into much detail on each of them. Continue reading My day exploring Centro Historico and beyond

ROSETTA Restaurant Mexico City

ROSETTA Restaurant Mexico City ROSETTA Restaurant Mexico City  |  Mexico City, Mexico  |  Mexico City has reminded me so much of Barcelona. Such a fabulous upcoming gourmet scene. Perfect balance between the traditional Mexican recipes and dishes, and the innovative fusions and techniques. In this case Rosetta Restaurant, lives to this concept, combining the best of local fresh produce and vegetables, with unique North Italian-influenced dishes by Chef Elena Reygadas. The venue is beautiful and ideal for a lunch al fresco, or even better a romantic evening in Colonia Roma Norte, one of the iconic gastronomic hubs of Mexico City along with Polanco and Condesa. Ranked number 33 of the top Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Continue reading ROSETTA Restaurant Mexico City