Caesarea first man-made port

Caesarea first man-made portCaesarea first man-made port  |  Caesarea. Israel  |  Originally a Phoenician town, King Herod the Great built a resplendent city, to flatter the Roman empire, and name  it Caesarea, in honor to his patron and who placed him in power, Augustus Caesar. Roman, Samaritans and Jews, enjoyed the pleasures of the Roman world, water in plentiful (as I mentioned on my post on the Biblical city of Masada, Herod was known for being a mastermind of aqueducts).  When Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE.. Caesarea became the Roman provincial capital of Judea.  Continue reading Caesarea first man-made port

Fish Markets of St Tropez

Fish Markets of St Tropez  | St Tropez, France  |  This morning, maybe a bit late, I came for a walk along town and found this cute fish market, where all locals gathered to get this fantastic fresh produce right off the boats and from the Golf of St Tropez and the Mediterranean Sea. A bit slow but well I came around 11AM, when usually this things happen in between 5 and 6AM in the morning, too early right. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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How do you get from Nice to St Tropez

How do you get from Nice to St Tropez  |  St Tropez, France  |  Well of course you can always rent a private yatch or sail boat and sail along the French Riviera in the Mediterranean Sea for approximatelly two hours. But if you are more on the budget, or on a short time schedule like I was, I would recommend the following. Continue reading How do you get from Nice to St Tropez