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LinkedIN ranks Carlos Melia as TOP 1%  |  LinkedIN  |  Yesterday I got a letter by LinkedIN congratulating me for being one of the Top 1% most viewed profiles in 2012. Being that LinkedIN has over 200 million members, this means an average of 2 million people seeing my profile and blog posts only in LinkedIN. Check out my profile there and follow me at Carlos Melia on LinkedIN. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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Behold the Next Generation Travel Agent

The Next Generation Travel Agent for the New World | by Tnooz | A colleague of mine shared this piece with me today, and I felt so identify with this that I thought I should share it with all of you. Shame that the only part it does not apply to me anymore is the age factor of 20 years old, long long along passed ha ha ha .

The new travel agent is slightly different from the travel agent you know and love and have hired in the past. For the most part you have not yet lived through the ups and downs of the travel trade with this next-generation travel agent and to create a relationship that works you will have to learn their ways. The NGTA (Next Generation Travel Agent) will be a 20 – something new kid on the block and they may be someone who does business in a way you do not understand. You will need to be trained in virtual staff management and coaching because the NGTA travel agent is mobile and can think, tell, and sell as they travel about town or travel the world. The NGTA will not settle for less than an income of at least 100k per year. The NGTA will be super savvy when it comes to using technology, will be wired into everything, maintain a mobile office, a virtual presence and a business format that uses the cloud for all accounting, filing, and general backroom systems.

The NGTA will be able to book anything to anywhere from anywhere. They will communicate with their clients who share the same techno travel lifestyle through all forms of social media. They will sell visually via their own phone app.

They will offer their personal ring tone to their clients who will know, when they hear that sound, that itʼs time to travel. The NGTA will know which hotels offer large screen TVʼs, high speed everything, laptops, iPads and the comforts that next-gen travelers want and need.

The NGTA will engage clients with barcode marketing schemes.They will upload their travel videos to keep their clients visually connected and informed via their branded personal channel on sites such as YouTube.

The NGTA will talk on camera to describe what they are looking at right now and invite clients to fly-in for the week to share the experience. Back home they will meet in a coffee shop or anywhere with a white wall and, with a palm sized projector, show their recent travels to a small group of clients. They will connect to ViVu via Skype and talk to 100 clients via live video feed from their ocean view room using uStream. Clients can get the latest newsfeeds, blogs, newsletters with one click.

The NGTA will build business through Facebook, Tweeted and re-Tweeted referrals. They are Linkedin to corporate accounts, frequent travelers and high end vacationers. They understand the value of viral and always create the book-now buzz that their clients are happy to forward.

Why? Because the NGTA is exciting! They read quality online magazines and continue their education gaining trade and specialty certifications and designations. They support various trade associations and are a stickler for human rights, staying green and protecting the planet – their main source of revenue.

THIS IS THE NEXT GENERATION TRAVEL AGENT Your next hire! Your next partner. Your next assistant. Your next home based/mobile agent. Your next New Business Generator. Source: Tnooz

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