My night experience in Nice

My night experience in Nice by www.carlosmeliablog.comMy night experience in Nice  |  Nice, France  |  Dinner last night at Regence private Restaurant at Le Negresco Hotel  in NiceFrance was just outstanding. Private room just for our group with an exquisite menu and selection of wines. You should try either this restaurant, or Chantecle or La Rotonde (which BTW is so kitsch and camp that at the same time is fabulous. You will literally be eating in a carrousel), both at the same property. Continue reading My night experience in Nice

Le Negresco Hotel unexpected Palace

Le Negresco Hotel unexpected Palace  |  Nice, France  |  If we talk about traditional hotels that exude luxury and charm, well I would risk to say the Le Negresco Hotel in French Riviera is on the top of my list. The minute you walk by the door and enter the lobby of the hotel, a fairy tale of sophistication unfolds. Le Negresco first opened its doors on January 8th, 1913. The hotel, designed by Henri Negrescu, immediately attracted a brilliant international clientele, Kings of the old and the new world. Jeanne Augier is the guardian of this myth. Owner of the Palace since 1957, this great lady – with deeply-rooted convictions – has devoted her life to the preservation and the development of this unique heritage.  Continue reading Le Negresco Hotel unexpected Palace

Hotel Check IN Le Negresco Hotel

Hotel Check IN Le Negresco Hotel  |  Nice, France  |  Today after a fabulous stay in St Tropez for two days, I returned to Nice, which in many way is a smaller version of Paris. Same as two days ago, I checked IN at the lovely and chic, but veryyyyy eclectic Le Negresco Hotel. An institution in the city, known unanimously to be the best hotel in town, and I fully second that. I was here 4 days ago, when I got this stunning Suite overlooking the Promenade de Anglais, and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This rooms have been renovated and modernized with some pop touches.  Continue reading Hotel Check IN Le Negresco Hotel

GPS Carlos Melia off to France and Russia

GPS Carlos Melia off to France and Russia  |  The COUNTDOWN has began. !!!!! France and Russia here I come. Only in 03 DAYS heading to Paris to begin my month and a 1/2 trip to this two incredible destinations including France ( Paris, St Tropez, Nice, Deauville ) and Russia ( St. Petersburg and Moscow ). And of course you will be able to read and see everything here at Have a GREAT Week everyone. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

(*) Special Thanks in advance to: France – Park Hyatt Vendome Paris, Trianon Palace Versaille, Le 20 Prieure Hotel, Le Negresco Nice, Pan Dei St. Tropez, Deauville Tourisme, Les Manoirs de Tourgeville, Ferme Saint Simeon Hotel, 81 L’Hotel and MJL Select. Russia – W St. Petersburg and Grand Europe Hotel by Orient-Express. More being added as we speak. If you would like to have your hotel, restaurant or tour company reviewed, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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