Golden Triangle Asian Elephants Foundation

Interview Golden Triangle Asian Elephants Foundation  | Golden TriangleThailand |  Dear followers, yes I am alive and back. Been away for a few well deserved days, at the Golden Triangle in the north of Thailand – Lanna District – at the fabulous Four Seasons Tented Camps. You know me, when I camp I do it in style. The Golden Triangle is located in the border between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, and for the last few years, thanks to Four Seasons and two other main foundations, has served as the refugee and paradise, for elephants rescued from the streets of Bangkok. Both Mahouts and elephants were given a second chance, and this is one of the main areas in Thailand, to come and experience living up close with the elephants. See my brief interview with John Roberts – Director of Elephants for Golden Triangle Asian Elephants Foundation. Also visit and give your support to Think Elephants International. Congratulations and my full support in all the great work they are doing. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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Full body scrub and facial at OASIS Spa

Full body scrub and facial at OASIS Spa  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  I think that if I keep this trend, in two more weeks, I am going to look 20 years old back again… well maybe not but at least I will feel like it deeeeep inside. Yesterday I decided to go out of the comfort of my hotel and explore the local Spas in Chiang Mai. One name kept coming to me, referred by tourists and locals – OASIS Spa. So I set off to try it. I feel like my body cannot take any more massages for this week, I never though I would say this right, but indeed that is how I feel, so I went for alternative options. Continue reading Full body scrub and facial at OASIS Spa

Lanna Spa Treatments at Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Lanna Spa Treatments at Four Seasons Chiang Mai  |  Chiang Mai, Four Seasons  |  Spa treatments and Thai Massages in Thailand are as regular courtesy amenities as a nice bottle of Champagne in the US or Europe. Since I got to Thailand over a week ago, I have been hosted for more that five Thai Massages, which I do not complain at all, but I was looking for some new experiences, and certainly the fabulous people at Four Seasons Chiang Mai, found the way to create this experience and teach me something new. They booked me for a 90 minutes traditional Lanna style massage, in the most amazing surroundings. Continue reading Lanna Spa Treatments at Four Seasons Chiang Mai