Acrobatic Training at La Arena in Buenos Aires

Acrobatic Training at La Arena in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   After over 6 years of being away, and at my 38 years old, today I went back to my Acrobatic/Gymnast training while visiting in Buenos Aires. I grew up training almost everyday to what at that time was one of my biggest passions. Now with my life of traveling around the world it a bit difficult to continue, but every time I have the chance I go back to it… and believe it or not, the body has a memory. Another activity you can do while in Buenos Aires, at La Arena Circo in the neighborhood of Palermo. Approx. USD 15 x 2 hours class.  Check them OUT and try if you dare. Now back to training, tonight I will be in pain, but no pain, no game. CM
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