Kylie Minogue live at Hammerstein Ballroom New York

Kylie Minogue live at Hammerstein Ballroom New York |   New York City |  Kylie performed LIVE tonight in New York City at  the Hammerstein Ballroom. The venue was completely SOLD OUT and it was only the first of the three performances to happen this week in New York City, for her US Aphrodite LIVE 2011 World Tour. The first quarter of the show, I have to admit was very disappointing to me… and Kylie I love you and have followed you all over the World, but thank God for the rest of the show, the backup dancers and the gigantic TV Screens. Took her tonight at least 30 minutes to connect with the crowd. But after that the party started and she played one hit after the other engaging with the crowd.

My favorite performances, where In My Amrs, and the finale with All the Lovers. To my respect she killed it with those two songs. The crowd went crazy with this two songs. Of course I do not have to explain you the demographics of this night. Kylie passed the test, at one of her most challenging markets where she is still unknown by many, not being the pop-star she is in Australia, South America, Europe and Asia.

After the show was over I was invited to the After Show Event with a meet and great and all the executives of the record label.  Just a great night to remember. CM

Merry New York White Christmas and Snow Storm

Although I did everything I was supposed to do and experience during Christmas Eve in the Northern Hemisphere, I was not able to have my true White Christmas, until this morning when we all woke up to witness a full white capped Big frozen Apple. The first thing I heard as soon as I woke up, was a few bunch of my clients calling me to say that their flights had been cancelled… and that they needed me to modify, cancel or rebook their travel services…. ( for those of you that still do not know me, yes aside from all the madness of this blog I am a serious and professional Travel Agent. ).
First big snow storm of the season in New York City. Reporting live from Chelsea our own Carlos Melia and his frozen frosted crew cut live from the streets of Manhattan.

Reseting to December 25th. mode… I want a White Xmas for once. Papa Noel ( aka. Santa Claus ), Eggnog, Mixed Nuts, Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon and all that healthy and low fat organic food that thanks to Craig we all binged on during this season. Mariah Carey, and Kylie singing Christmas songs trying to look thinner, younger and taller each year… ( never smarter ), Pee Wee Herman and Charlie Brown Xmas Specials with they evil Snoopy.
Regardless of the temperature, the excess of food, wine and HARD liquor. Regardless of the Snow Storm hitting New York city and all southwest and northwest states, I decided that my duty was to get of the couch, turn off the cartoon of How the Grinch Stole the Christmas and head to the gym to burn all those calories I put on me since Thursday morning on.
Got my BOND, James Bond attitude, gym gear and venture to the frozen white streets of the Big Apple to head to my gym…. what the hell was I thinking on..
After spending almost 2 hours and 30 minutes trying to reheat my body and hoping I was burning all those extra calories… I said to myself, COME ON…. it is Christmas time and your first in New York city since you were a child with mom and dad. Go out… !!!! Drink and Eat more…. So that I did. Head to the Chelsea Market ( which I strongly recommend to all of those visiting New York. )
If you visit Chelsea Market, despite of the time or season of the year, you must try my favorites… Chelsea Wine Vault ( heaven on earth ), Ninth Street Expresso ( how on earth do they get those drawings on the top of the coffee ), Eleni’s ( the gayest store in Chelsea, if that is still an option ), The Green Table, The Lobster Place and Army’s Bread. ( pictures below )
Another bottle of red wine, crab cakes, shrimps and coffee away… I packed my stuff and head back home, thinking to myself, thank to old and new friends, I had, eat and drunk a true New York Christmas Experience, including the so awaited and now annoying white snow fall. Good Night everyone. CM