Kylie Minogue live at Hammerstein Ballroom New York

Kylie Minogue live at Hammerstein Ballroom New York |   New York City |  Kylie performed LIVE tonight in New York City at  the Hammerstein Ballroom. The venue was completely SOLD OUT and it was only the first of the three performances to happen this week in New York City, for her US Aphrodite LIVE 2011 World Tour. The first quarter of the show, I have to admit was very disappointing to me… and Kylie I love you and have followed you all over the World, but thank God for the rest of the show, the backup dancers and the gigantic TV Screens. Took her tonight at least 30 minutes to connect with the crowd. But after that the party started and she played one hit after the other engaging with the crowd.

My favorite performances, where In My Amrs, and the finale with All the Lovers. To my respect she killed it with those two songs. The crowd went crazy with this two songs. Of course I do not have to explain you the demographics of this night. Kylie passed the test, at one of her most challenging markets where she is still unknown by many, not being the pop-star she is in Australia, South America, Europe and Asia.

After the show was over I was invited to the After Show Event with a meet and great and all the executives of the record label.  Just a great night to remember. CM

The Will Clark World and Carlos Melia together for a Good Cause

The Will Clark World and Carlos Melia for a Good Cause |  New York City |  Come tomorrow, Wednesday 27th April, and join me at The World Clark World (8-10PM) for a Good Cause. As many of you may know, approximately a month ago I promoted a raffle to win two tickets to see Kylie Minogue LIVE on May 4th. here in New York City, courtesy of my friends at The Karpel Group. The winer of this great prize was John O’Hare Price. Since John does not live in the US and was not able to come for the concert, he immediately contacted me back, to put the ticket at my disposition, and together we came with the idea to use the tickets for an auction to raise money for a charity. So to make the story short, thank to John O’Hare Price, The Karpel Group and The Will Clark World, we have found a great organization, to which 100% of the proceeds from all of this will go right to NJ Buddies, an awesome non-profit, community-based organization, is a resource center offering a network of support for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

This is what Will Clark posted today at his blog …” but just minutes ago (relatively speaking) I’ve been offered two tickets to the May 4th Kylie Minogue concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom courtesy of our new friend Carlos Melia…”. To read the full post and find out more about this event visit  The Will Clark World . Hey Kylie, you may not be aware of this but already before your show started you are already helping people in need. So guys come and join me, open your wallet and be generous. See you there tomorrow night.  CM