Fishermen for a day at Mar del Plata

Fishermen for a day at Mar del Plata • This was, I have to admit, one of the nicest experiences I have had in a long time. Always watch this in movies like the Perfect Storm, and wanted to be part of that. Thanks to Juan Taranto, his two suns and the crew men of the MESSINA boat, to whom I am overly thankful, I spent a whole morning learning about their everyday life, work and stories.

On board of the MESSINA I and MESSINA II, surrounded by lost of seals, that spend their day lazing around the boats waiting for some fish to fall from the boats and feed from them. Juan and all his crew (approx. 10 men including the captain, cooker and all the rest of the staff), they shared with me What does it mean to be a Fishermen and How hard tough the Fishermen’s life are but how much passion and love they have for it.
This men spend over 10 days sailing away from home, which is Mar del Plata, coastal area of Argentina, approx. 450 kilometers from Buenos Aires. The boat sails at a top speed of 20 knots and they travel from Mar del Plata down to the south region of Argentina close to Comodoro Rivadavia, in search of the best fishing spots. Their days begin early around 5 in the morning and end around midnight. They go on shifts at night to control the security of the boat and the crew.
They shared with me their fears, and their devotion for this profession. How they miss their families, and the bond they create among them all, becoming this kind of Fishermen’s ELITE. You can see images of saints, crosses made out of knots that they craft on their spare time or during bad weather days, when there is nothing else to do other than wait…. And as Juan – the captain says – ” keep the boat clean and tidy, our life is on the line everyday… and order is the most important fact when you have 10 men on board and tons of fish in the hold of the ship.” (picture below is San Giorgio Saint patron).

They work under extreme conditions, with temperatures below cero degrees C. to collect, store and unload the fish from the boat. Hundred of boxes, filled with all types of fish and sea food. So I get to work and give them a hand…. or sort of… ha ha ha…. !!! I can still smell the fish in my clothes…. Just kidding.

So after a long day at work…. I decided to take control on the boat and sail back home, sipping through my Coffee. One back at the Banquina de Pescadores I will bargain the few fishes I earned, helping this guys out, to sell at its best. Things have changed a lot over the years. Now each company has its own boats, crew and factory where they process the product themselves. BUT before, all fish and sea food would have been taken to the common fish market where they will sell based on quantity, size, quality competing with the other fellow fishermen of the area.

(*) This is not a regular Tour that you will get around. So please if you wish to have this same experience, do not hesitate to Contact ME to book it. Cheers. CM