MUSTs and MISS South Beach Miami Restaurants list

Miami BeachMUSTs and MISS South Beach Miami Restaurants list  |  Miami, United States  | Last week I spent 5 days in Miami Beach. I came to review and experience a few new luxury hotels (post to come soon), and at the same time do a revision of the restaurant scene. Of course this was not my first time to Miami, as a matter of fact I have spent half of my life coming here, and I have seen many transformations and faces of Miami and SOBE, over the years. I tried a few options either new to me or new to the Miami Beach Scene. Here are my MUST and MISS South Beach Miami Restaurants list, based own experiences.  Continue reading MUSTs and MISS South Beach Miami Restaurants list

Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca

Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca |  Tribeca, New York | If metaphor is a figure of speech that compares two unlike things that actually have something in common, Mehtaphor is inspired by Asian urban tastes and scents, wrapped in Jehangir Mehta‘s singular chef voice. There is a distinct point of view here and a chef who touches every dish coming to each table every night to greet you and check that you are having an experience. Right in the lobby of the DUANE Street Hotel, an intimate dining area, including a dessert-cocktail bar, a true cocktail bar, a time-worn wooden communal table fully wired for laptops and internet access, and a delightful dining room. Continue reading Mehtaphor Restaurant in Tribeca