Enlightening session with Sir Roland Richardson

Enlightening session with Sir Roland Richardson  |  Baie Longue, Saint Martin  |  Known as the “Father of Caribbean Impressionism” this humble gentleman, born to a family whose French Caribbean heritage dates back to the 1700’s on the island of St. Martin, Mr. Richardson has recorded his culture over the past forty years with his paintbrush and palette. He paints pictures “en plein air”, working in the field, always from a living subject.  Continue reading Enlightening session with Sir Roland Richardson

Normandy cradle of Impressionism

Normandy cradle of Impressionism  |  Deauville, France  |  No wonder why they call Normandy, the home of impressionism. Just look at this photos and make your own conclusions.  Normandy was, for most artists, their birthplace and home. Its proximity to Paris together with the burgeoning number of fashionable seaside resorts like Deauville or Trouville.
Impressionist painters like Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin, preferred to paint outdoors, in natural light, and to concentrate on landscapes, towns and scenes of daily life. They made this region popular and convinced other contemporaries like Renoir, Gauguin and Piccaso, to come and visit and be inspired. (The photo above was taken at my hotel outside Deauville – La Ferme Saint Simeon. This exact house was the inspiration to Monet’s painting.
Enjoy the photos I made during my stay in Deauville. As for me, I have rarely seen skies and sunsets like this. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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My first day in Deauville Normandy

My first day in Deauville Normandy  |  Deauville, France  |  On my first day visit to Deauville in Normandy, I learnt a lot of interesting facts, back at my suite next to  my fireplace I am writing and sharing them all with you. Deauville dates from 1860, being this their 152 anniversary. Located in the northwestern France, part of the commune of Calvados, yes the same that gives the denomination of origin to the famous Brandy.

Deauville is divided into Upper and Lower. Part of what they name Côte Fleurie (Flowers Coast) has long been home to French high society’s seaside houses and is often referred to as the Parisian riviera. Duque Morny envisioned to turn Deauville into the Kingdom of Elegance for Parisian, and so he did. Dream that survived through World War I and II.

Only over two hours and EUR 32 separates Deauville from Paris (Saint Lazare Train Station) you may visit for the day, or like I have, for a few relaxing days. A town with only 4,000 citizens, but lots of history and tradition.
Did you know that Deauville was the location of Mademoiselle  Coco Chanel‘s first store. Yes way before she became famous, in the summer of 1913, right on the side of the lovely and sumptuous Normandy Barriere Hotel.
Did you know that the style of Impressionism was originated here in Normandy, inspired by the beautiful skies and natural light of this region. Eugene Boudin, was one of the first French landscape painters to paint outdoors.
The Promenade des Planches, has been featured in many films, but the most renown and awarded was the film “Un Homme et une Femme” by Claude Lelouch, wining the Palme d’Or and two Oscars, featuring the classic song that goes…. guada ba ba ba, guada ba ba ba… I am sure many of you remember and are quite familiar with. Now Deauville every year hosts the Asian Film Festival and the American Film Festival.

Deauville is also very well known for the Casino, one of the top five in France. The horse races and polo tournaments. Also Deauville is very well know for the milk, cows are everywhere. The local butter, very important for the French cuisine, is one of the premium products of France.
Walking along the beach line, I came to the Barriere Hotels and the Casino. Both the Normandy and Royal are gorgeous and impotent, in true Norman style. The Normandy Barriere, dates from the 1912 featuring the Belle Epoque Restaurant and a bar specialized in Whiskeys. Royal Barriere featuring the Le Etrier Bar specialized in Champagnes and the Cote Royal Restaurant, just exquisite.
Well still three more days to explore so stay tuned… more to come at my blog. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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