Eating and Drinking in Mar del Plata

Eating and Drinking in Mar del Plata, this is a list of some of my favorite options in the city of Mar del Plata, for those visiting for a full weekend. Covering all Lunch, Tea, Dinner and after hour Drinks. Hope you enjoy it. !!!!
ANTARES Restaurant & Bar • (they are also one of the most traditional beers of Mar del Plata). Located in the neighborhood of Los Troncos, is a great option for those looking for a light dinner tasting different beers. My favorite the BARLEY Wine Beer. (Antares, Cordoba 3025, Mar del Plata)
La Cabaña del Bosque Tea House • one of the BEST tea houses I have experienced and been ever. The house, the tea the pastries are all amazing. Located within the Forest Reserve of Peralta Ramos. Sonia and all her staff are very sweet, great hosts and knowledgable of what they are doing. Tea time only on weeekends. Great tea blends, my favorite …. all of them as you can see on the picture above, lots of teapots and cups. Bookings in advance strongly suggested (0223)-467-3007. Thank you Sonia. !!!!
Waikiki Beach Restaurant • This I would recommend it for either a great late brunch, lunch time or even a tea watching the sunset and the hot guys surfing, believe me you want regret it. The restaurant is pretty basic, but the panoramic views of the coast and the city, plus the sunsetting are unmatchable. During summer/spring times you may also enjoy seating outside at the long balconies.
Hostal del Bosque Los Nobles • is a Hotel located within the Forest Reserve of Peralta Ramos, but at night they have a GREAT dinner service that will surprise you. During winter times you may enjoy seating next to the fireplace while sipping through some amazing local wines. Very Romantic and Cozy. !!!! Before coming over, please make sure to call and check if the hotel or the restaurant is open. Mar del Plata is a very seasonal destination, so you always have to be very careful with that. (0223) 467.3000.
Restaurant Casino Central • is gambling any of your interest…. NO ? Well anyhow the build by renown architeq Bustillo is worth visiting. There is a very nice and fairly reasonably priced restaurant. The room is very nice and it brings back the old style and allure of that Mar del Plata of the Belle Epoque. Only for dinner.
Viento en Popa Restaurant • wow this was great… if you are a seafood and fish lover as I am, then this is a MUST DO. Where else than Mar del Plata to have great fish. You cannot go wrong with it. Viento en Popa is a very popular restaurant so either during summer of winter BOOK in advance. (Viento en Popa, Av. Martínez de Hoz 257, (0223) 489.0220)
UI Cafeteria • for a quick coffee, salad of sandwich in the middle of you day or late lunch. The best sandwiches on vary tasty range of breads. Beautiful modern with touches of classic deco and ambience. The coffee house is located over a very commercial street great to stroll through after a nice meal. (San Lorenzo, (0223) 451.2462).
La Bodeguita del Medio • (former La Bodeguita, one of the most traditional and renown bars and restaurants of Cuba). A great place to put and end to your night or a beginning for your disco experience. Not gay but very gay friendly. I love their local and bohemian flavor, with very handsome and friendly bartenders.

So I hope you guys enjoy this listing. After all I am putting my weight and looks in danger trying all this food, drinks and restaurants…. It is a hard job. !!! CM