Amazing THAILAND Travel Survey

Amazing THAILAND Travel Survey | CM by Carlos Melia | Amazing Thailand as they promote it!!! We want to hear what you have to say about this fantastic, captivating and open-minded destination. For those lucky ones, like me, that have already been able to visit, share what was your experience while there… Thailand is centered around Buddhism, people in Thailand have compassion and tolerance towards any religion and walks of life. If you visit a national park or one of Thailand’s beaches or islands, you will witness many different natural attractions and see a diversity of wildlife. Thailand, the only Southeast Asian nation never to have been colonized by European powers. Thailand features outstanding cuisine that’s available nearly 24 hours a day.  These restaurant listings cover the spectrum of Thai and International, budget and gourmet. Please take 2 minutes to complete this Survey. Amazing Thailand Travel Survey. Thank you in advance. CM

Carlos to Chelsea gays: Let me help you leave town!


Carlos to Chelsea gays: Let me help you leave town! |  Chelsea, New York |  Thank you Scott Stiffler at Chelsea Now and Troy Masters at Gay City News for a great write up and profile on my business and myself. Upcoming destinations and trends are the core of the conversation. You may read the full interview at

Only a few concepts to highlight from the full interview: …” That’s where travel expert, blogger and marketing consultant Carlos Melia comes in. The globetrotting gay culture vulture and boutique getaway guru recently spoke to us from the sunny, albeit somewhat predictable, travel destination of Ft. Lauderdale…” and ...” With a little prodding, though, Melia proudly admits that the niche within the queer niche he’s especially interested in appealing to these days is the LGBT luxury market — those who seek something more from a vacation experience than mindless consumerism and nightlife activities indistinguishable from what’s to be found on the streets (and alleys?) where they live. The Melia demographic appeals to those interested in food, wine, art, design, culture and religion…”
(*) Just one little TYPO I would like to correct. The photo at the bottom of page 15 where it says Lantau Island, Your new Panama Destination? should read San Blas Island, Your new Panama Destination?. Lantau Island is located in Hong Kong and is the Island where you go to see the Buddha, actually the biggest outdoors Seated Buddha in South East Asia. CM

Un Jardin sur Le Nil scent at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Un Jardin sur Le Nil scent at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong |  by Hermes | OK… !!!! I have been receiving for the last two month, compliment after compliment on my new Eau de Toilette. People looking at me and saying …” WOW what parfum are you wearing, it is amazing…”. Or saying …” Carlos you smell great, what is it…” . Well I have tried to lie about it and claim – hey it is just my natural scent – yeah right !!!!. So I think it is highly time I tell the truth on this and credit the ones that introduced me to it. The scent is by Hermes and the Eau de Toilette is Un Jardin sur Le Nil. This is part of the suite bathroom amenities at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. So yes, now is in the open. HA HA HA one of my beauty secrets is now public. Also that I am a pathological hotel amenity lover. Jardin sur Le Nil, a secret garden, hidden in the heart of the city, in Paris. A fruity, vegetal, floral eau de toilette appreciated by both women and men. So people at the Mandarin Oriental, now you know…. ha ha ha please send more, that I am running out of my “Natural Scent” or even better, I will come back to your AMAZING Hotel and Destination to get it. CM

FINDS adds Norwegian flavour to Hong Kong

FINDS adds Norwegian flavour to Hong Kong |  Kowloon, Hong Kong |  If you are up for some Norwegian flavours while in Hong Kong, then Finds is the place to find it. Located in the island of Kowloon, at one of my favorite areas Tsim Sha Tsui on Kimberly Road, first floor of The Luxe Manor HotelFINDS stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. It is a distinctly Scandinavian haven in the bustling heart of Asia. It remains the only Nordic restaurant in the entire Pearl River Delta.  Continue reading FINDS adds Norwegian flavour to Hong Kong

Boom Boom Room Standard Hotel New York

Boom Boom Room Standard Hotel New York |  Meat Packing District, New York | Come on… go ahead and just ask me. Carlos which is your absolute favorite Roof Top bar in New York so far? Well my friends, after tonight I would have to say that Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in NYC is the one.
Deadly combination of great atmosphere, design, crowd, views and music. What else, gay or straight can you ask for.? So far my absolute favorite roof top in NYC. On the 18th. floor of the Standard Hotel New York, with views of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan, and the city on the other side with the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.
But hhmmmm kind of brings me memories of my premium roof top bars in Hong Kong, but quite not there yet… anyhow between you and me….. I think they copied the bathroom concepts of the FELIX at The Peninsula in Kowloon. Just to say… watch out Philippe Stark. Those who know what I am talking about will understand.
I was there with my favorite and contemporary colleague Lyndsey Green, the Travel Agent of the starts. Little gossip, just between you and the other 70K people that read this blog, she is the private fantastic absolute VIP travel agent of Lady G. if you know who I am talking about…. yeah Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen. !!!
Anyhow and summarizing, are you in town… plan to spend a brief evening at the Boom Boom Room, decent drinks, Prosecco and cocktails. Hot bartenders, trendy gossip girls and lots of fun. Sorry it is just on the 18th. floor. Otherwise why bother going to the Top of the Rock right.
Reporting live from the TOP of Manhattan, with the best night panoramic views of the Hudson River with a glass of Prosecco in my hand. CM

Favorite Street Markets of Kowloon Hong Kong

Favorite Street Markets of Kowloon Hong Kong |  Kowloon, Hong Kong |  Day and night Hong Kong, like most cosmopolitan cities around the globe never stops. What I like about Kowloon, compared to Hong Kong Island is that there you can still have the old and traditional experience true to their Asian heritage. Of course you see a huge British influence around, but this markets are all you may expect to find and more…  Continue reading Favorite Street Markets of Kowloon Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong | Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong |  Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is not just a hotel, it is a legend of luxury and service, a full experience that combines the best of Hong Kong, the tradition of Asia, the best practices of hospitality and top of the class service for which Hong Kong is worldwide renown. I had the opportunity to stay two full days with them and I have to say that from their Les Clefs d’Or Concierge to the management of the hotel, they make sure that every single detail is taken care to assure your stay to be unforgettable. | Virtuoso Property + Les Clefs d’Or Concierge + Michelin RestaurantsContinue reading Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road

Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road |  Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong |  It does sound all mixed up doesn’t it, when you read Man Mo Temple and the Hollywood Road ? Well it is what it is….. Indeed Hollywood Road in Hong Kong Island is the right place if you are looking either for Asian Antiques or one of the best dining spots in the city, being that the SOHO – which in Hong Kong stands for South Of Hollywood Street, is just there.  Continue reading Man Mo Temple over Hollywood Road

The Peak and The Peak Tram

The Peak and The Peak Tram |  Honk Kong Island, Hong Kong |  Do you want to get the best views of Hong Kong, this time from Hong Kong Island to the bay and Kowloon… ? Then visit the area of Mid Levels and take The Peak Tram. Have you ever ridden on a Tram… ? Well it is highly time you do so, and the panoramic views at the end are worth the experience.  Continue reading The Peak and The Peak Tram features Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World features Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World |  Manila, Philippines |  The most prominent web and social network for Gay Asian Men Worldwide, has recently featured Carlos Melia and Mr Gay World. During my last visit to Manila, Philippines, Anthony K., their contributor from Singapore, interviewed me about my past as Mr Gay International 2008, my current projects on Gay Travel and Blogging worldwide among other subjects.
Thank you Anthony K. and Scott Tsui – Founder of Check the full interview at SFGAM |