The Guggenheim New York City

The Guggenheim New York City | New York | This morning I woke up into my intellectual mode and went for breakfast and a quick visit of the Guggenheim Museum New York City.  Located in the Upper East Side, next to the Central Park on 86th. Street and Fifth Avenue. Perfect early Spring morning, which I enjoyed later walking through the Central Park. An internationally renowned art museum and one of the most significant architectural icons of the 20th century, the Guggenheim Museum is at once a vital cultural center, an educational institution, and the heart of an international network of museums. Visitors can experience special exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, lectures by artists and critics, performances and film screenings, classes for teens and adults, and daily tours of the galleries led by experienced docents. Founded on a collection of early modern masterpieces, the Guggenheim Museum today is an ever-growing institution devoted to the art of the 20th century and beyond.
In June 1943, Frank Lloyd Wright received a letter from Hilla Rebay, the art advisor to Solomon R. Guggenheim, asking the architect to design a new building to house Guggenheim’s four-year-old Museum of Non-Objective Painting. The Guggenheim Museum is an embodiment of Wright‘s attempts to render the inherent plasticity of organic forms in architecture. His inverted ziggurat (a stepped or winding pyramidal temple of Babylonian origin) dispensed with the conventional approach to museum design, which led visitors through a series of interconnected rooms and forced them to retrace their steps when exiting. The open rotunda afforded viewers the unique possibility of seeing several bays of work on different levels simultaneously. The spiral design recalled a nautilus shell, with continuous spaces flowing freely one into another. CM

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A day out at the Central Park

A day out at the Central Park |  Central Park, New York |  When you live in New York and after a long long winter almost behind, the minute you see a ray of light showing and/or the temperature rising, EVERYONE and I mean everyone runs out to the streets, the parks, the river… even a terrace. Just trying to get the first glimpse of the upcoming Spring and desired summer.
Since I am spending the weekend at The Ritz-Carlton Central Park South, and from my window I have panoramic views of the Central Park, I got up this morning and planned with my friend Alejandro to spend a day out at the park, running, walking, eating, DRINKING and taking loads of pictures.
Here are only a few of them. You can check the full photo album at my Flickr Set Central Park | CM by Carlos Melia. (over 130 photos).
Bridle Path, The Ramble, Central Park Boathouse, Great Lawn. The views of the City Skyline, the Metropolitan Museum, the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, among many others.

Street Choir and many other performers can be seen at the Central Park on a beautiful sunny warm day like this Saturday. People running, cycling, roller blading, boating, or just lying on the grass or at the fantastic outdoor terrace of the Central Park Boathouse sipping wine.

(*) Check the full photo album at my Flickr Set Central Park | CM by Carlos Melia .