A regular and a new Gourmet option in London

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant LondonA regular and a new Gourmet option in London  |  London, UK  |  On my recent trip to London, other that continuing my search for the ultimate Afternoon Tea experience, I have time to include a new gourmet experience, and my regular classic for lunch at the Wolseley RestaurantContinue reading A regular and a new Gourmet option in London

The Wolseley my favorite lunch in London

The Wolseley my favorite lunch in London  |  London, UK  |  One of restaurants in my MUST DO & SEE list, every single time I come to London, is The Wolseley Cafe and Restaurant. No other restaurant catches my interest for a fabulous sophisticated lunch like The Wolseley. The Wolseley is a café-restaurant in the grand European tradition located in St James’ on London’s most famous of boulevards, Piccadilly.
Trust me, if you are in for a chic gourmet lunch experience in London, The Wolseley will be your perfect call, that if you manage to move your influences to get a table, specially on a sunny Saturday in London. Thanks to our local friend John, we did. A must try in the menu are the oysters, Carlingford Lough Rocks or Gillardeau Speciale. And of course, even at lunch, how can I miss my classic filthy Vodka Martini.
 Breakfast, lunch, dinner… all day long, it is an experience. Also you can enjoy your own private dinning. Beautifully designed to complement the restaurant below, the Private Dining Room seats up to 14 guests and is available to book for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Discreetly hidden away from view, with its own private staircase, it is nonetheless very much part of the restaurant.  Filled with light from four sides, it is bright and cheerful during the day, and seductively lit at night by the lights from the restaurant and Piccadilly outside.In 1921, Wolseley Motors Limited commissioned the architect, William Curtis Green, to design a prestigious car showroom in London’s West End. He drew on Venetian and Florentine influences, as well as incorporating the Eastern exotic touches that were in fashion at the time. The grand, atmospheric interior with its towering pillars, arches and stairways was testament to the great ambitions of The Wolseley Car Company. The cars were displayed on the marble floor and cost between £225 – £1,300. Unfortunately, the cars did not sell well enough and by 1926 the Company was bankrupt.
Chris Corbin and Jeremy King secured the site in July 2003 and its restoration and renovation was overseen by David Collins Architects. The Wolseley opened in November 2003. Located at St James’ on London’s most famous of boulevards, Piccadilly, right across the iconic Ritz Hotel and steps away from Green Park. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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The Stafford Hotel in London by Kempinski Hotels

The Stafford Hotel in London by Kempinski Hotels  |  London, UK  |  On my last stay in London, a few weeks ago, I was looking to experience the city in a very formal and classic style, I wanted to have a true British accommodation experience. I must admit it, as much as I love modern, high tech hotels, I also truly enjoy bespoke, old school style, deco and service. When I first came in contact with The Stafford Hotel, my first thought was, wait a minute, this hotel cannot be located in London, judging by the first photo it pops up into their site, looking so serene, with the look of a little town. But it was indeed, and more over, at one of the premium locations in London, in the heart of St James next to the Buckingham Palace, steps away from Green Park and Piccadilly. Continue reading The Stafford Hotel in London by Kempinski Hotels