FREE WiFi for everyone a lesson to be learnt by Hotels Worldwide

FREE WiFi for everyone a lesson to be learnt by Hotels Worldwide  |  New York, United States  |  More and more hotels across the world are becoming more savvy and proficient in the use of Social Media and Social Applications. The big question that always raises to this still brand new technology, which many pretend to master, but only a few truly understand, is how to measure the ROI – return on investment. As I travel the world, staying at all types of hotels, I have had multiple experiences with the internet service, which most of the time can be very annoying, where hotels yet don’t understand that internet is one of the top features guests will take into consideration, at the moment of booking their stay. The worst examples during last year travels, were hotels in London, UK and Jaipur, India, where I was shocked with my bill upon check out with charges over USD 40 x day for a lousy crappy connection that would take me over 10 minutes to upload a single photo. On top of that, most hotels do not offer the Multi Device Connection platforms, and travelers like me, we need to at least to connect three devices, such as Laptop, iPhone and iPad, meaning three times the charges. The recently open cutting edge and modern Yotel in New York City, has grasped this concept and finally proved that what I have been telling hotels for the last two years, was indeed a great idea, first and for most to please customers, and second, to self promote their properties and services making use of the different techniques on online advertising and viral effects. Continue reading FREE WiFi for everyone a lesson to be learnt by Hotels Worldwide

My own Educational Session at IGLTA’s Annual Convention

My own Educational Session at IGLTA’s Annual Convention | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida |  This whole week I am in Florida, attending like every other year the IGLTA’s International Annual Convention. Familiar faces, new members and lots of new vendors from all corners of the world. This year I am honored to have been invited as a Guest Speaker with my own Educational Session based on Gay Travel Online Businesses, Social Media and Blogs. As you may be very well aware at this point if you follow my blog, IGLTA stands for International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, organization of which I have been an active member for almost the last 10 years.
The ABCs of Developing a Blog is the topic of my upcoming Educational Session, as presented on the official IGLTA’s Annual Convention booklet. I will be sharing Educational Sessions with renown companies such us,, Google, IBM among many others. Unfortunately this time it can only be attended by those within the convention. But just FYI I am consulting and assisting various companies, organizations and individuals worldwide, with the basics on How/Why/When and more on blogging as a way to expand your business, earn money and networking. My presentation is based on a true story, my story of a full year devoted to blogging and branding with hotels, destinations and other travel related suppliers Worldwide. So feel free to contact me. CM

Carlos Melia to be Guest Speaker at IGLTA Convention 2011

Carlos Melia to be Guest Speaker at IGLTA’s Convention |  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida |  IGLTA – International Gay and Lesbian Association, will be holding their 2011 Annual Convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (May 10-15th.), and I have been invited to take part as a Guest Speaker for their Educational Session Itinerary. During this week I will be sharing sessions with very well renown professionals and stablished companies such as Google,,, Air Canada, SAS Airlines, IBM, NGLCC, among many others. It is an honor for me to be consider for this duty.  You may check out the full Seminars Itinerary online at IGLTA’s Convention UNLEASH. As for my own session here is the full information, I look forward seeing you all there (May 13th.) CM by Carlos Melia Carlos Melia, Travel Agent, Blogger & Marketing Consultant Learn the ABCs of Developing a Blog: Becoming a travel blogger can benefit your business and create a new parallel source of income. Drawing from his own successes with, Melia will demonstrate how to create and monetize a blog associated with your travel business/product/service. The session will also cover promotion strategies to help you find your niche.

…” We are so incredibly excited for our convention in Fort Lauderdale, May 2011! This event is going to be the premiere event in LGBT tourism and will include businesses from all over the world. You will network with, learn from and meet the leaders in our industry. Stay tuned to this website for more information…” by IGLTA Staff.