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EGO Gay Cruise failed to reach port

EGO Gay Cruise failed to reach port  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This morning while browsing through newspapers, as I like to do on Sundays, I found this article on La Nacion – Business section, about the to be first Argentinean Gay Cruise, to link the cities of Buenos Aires and Punta del Este in a four-day voyage (Dec. 12 – 16th 2012). Unfortunately the results seemed not have reached good port, where the minimum quota of expected sales was not reached and the overall final passenger experience was affected. The companies involved into the management, logistics, marketing and PRs for this project, which invested over a million dollars, blamed the effects of the global economy, a wrong mix of prices, and failed to identify the right target within the LGBT Niche of market. I personally started offering and promoting EGO Cruise since the day I got the press release, mostly based on supporting any efforts to promote my native country Argentina as a Gay destination worldwide, as I have done for the last 15 years. But after months went by and no answers or nobody from the organization reached out to me with the final packages, itineraries and prizes, I decided to withdraw myself from offering this to my clients and followers. I fully agree with their own comments and mea culpa,  on why the whole project failed, but I will also add to those, that they failed to identify key synergies with referents, tour operators and renown gay travel agents, blogger and press worldwide. Also to my understanding and from the feedback I got from my clients, the route was not interesting enough for people to join the cruise, route which Atlantis Cruise Lines discontinued after two years of operations, with full boat, but low ROI – return on investment, even though they were also including sexy and attractive Rio de Janeiro as the final port of arrival. Despite of the results, I congratulate everyone involved into this project, for their spirit and efforts to position Argentina as a leading gay destinations worldwide, and to keep trying and innovating with new ideas in the future, Argentina has all the resources, right attitude and destinations to be on the TOP 05 of LGBT destinations in the world. CM

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IGLTA Partners with The New York Times Travel Show

IGLTA Partners with The New York Times Travel Show |  Edge on the Net by MRNY |  New York City |  The New York Times Travel Show continues to increase its annual commitment to LGBT travel, working with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and other LGBT travel experts to develop gay-specific content for its Feb. 25-27 expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (655 W. 34th St., Manhattan).

The panel “Discover LGBT Travel: Hot New Destinations, Events, Tours and Cruises” is scheduled for 4 p.m., Feb. 26. Travel editor and writer Ed Salvato ( will moderate a globetrotting gay discussion that touches upon the Caribbean, luxury travel, adventure travel, cruises, Africa, lesbian travel, and South America.

Panelists are: LoAnn Halden, IGLTA Media Relations Manager and travel editor/writer; Kenneth Hieber of 2afrika; Carlos Melia, a travel agent specializing in South America; and Andre Rojer, Marketing Manager for the Curacao Tourism Board.

(*) By the way the picture of the article is me – Carlos Melia – on my last trip to Stockholm, taken by Mark at MRNY. Read the Full article at Edge on the Net