Astrid & Gaston Porteño Peruvian flavors

Astrid & Gaston Porteño Peruvian flavors  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last night I came for dinner to one of the, to be, new and top Peruvian restaurants of Buenos Aires, Astrid & Gaston, by peruvian Cheff Gastón Acurio. It is difficult for me to be bias, being that I was in Peru for over two weeks just a month ago, trying some of the best Ceviches, Causas, Tiraditos among other delights in Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. This is where I learnt about them for first time, since they have many locations around South/Central America and Spain. Funny enough I think, I might be one of the few that comes to Buenos Aires and its first choice it to go to a Peruvian Restaurant over a Parrilla. But hey I am a native Argentinean and on top of that I do not eat beef.
Located in the neighborhood of Barrio Norte, at Lafinur 3222, at this beautiful petit chateaux, taking over all spaces, with a style, I might say, communicated to me very few of Peru, and lots of modern non-classified gastronomy. Nevertheless the deco and entire ambiance is quite charming, private and sophisticated.
Who can say no to a classic Chifa Ceviche with fresh White Sea Bass right, I mean if you are a fish lover like me, and on top you enjoy the flavors of lemon, coriander and aji, then you are in full Peruvian nirvana. That was my appetizer. (Pesos 78 / approx. USD 16 ).
For my main course, again I went with fish. This time the White Salmon over a Risotto. ( Pesos 98 / approx. USD 20 ). Presentation wise I will give them an 8. Flavor wise, I would have to say I was quite not sold, and found it a bit forgettable. Not really the experience I was looking for. I feel that Sipan is, far superior on flavors, but not as fancy or chic on ambiance and presentation.
My Dirty Vodka Martini was undrinkable, you know when they use olive juice that instead of being salty is sweet, well that was the case. To make it even less attractive, my only small olive was threaded in a regular toothpick. But the specialty of the house, the Pisco Sour, kudos to them because it was perfect.
I really liked the ambiance, but I missed the true Peruvian flavors that I was so craving for. So next time, I am not quite sure I will trade my palate experience over design and ambiance, when there are other great options in town. Certainly to me this time, a big name that felt short. I came looking for my new favorite spot in Buenos Aires, and I left a bit disappointed. I am not an expert, but I do know what I like, but hey, this is only my point of view. What about you ? CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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