Ganga Aarti Ceremony at Varanasi

Ganga Aarti Ceremony at Varanasi   |  Varanasi, India  |  India always has that way to challenge, move and shock you with its harsh reality and traditions. During my visit to Varanasi, almost a month ago, I was lucky enough to experience a true Aarti ceremony, a Hindu religious ritual of worship, which took place over the stream of the holly river Ganges thus Ganga Aarti. One of the most interesting things I have seen and experienced during 2011. Varanasi is a very special, spiritual destination. I have never felt so much peace, mysticism in one place, but at the same time I connected with a very dark and evil side of the Hinduism believes which far from scaring me, created a very particular bond with their believes. Continue reading Ganga Aarti Ceremony at Varanasi