The Pompadour Restaurant

The Pompadour Restaurant by www.carlosmeliablog.comThe Pompadour RestaurantEdinburgh, Scotland | One of the things which quite strike me during my recent visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, was the number of FABULOUS restaurants available, for such a lovely but tiny destination. The Pompadour Restaurant was not an exception, on the contrary was pretty much on my top 05 rule. I guess I could define myself as a foodie, but what I truly enjoy, is the experience overall. I am not a gourmet connoisseur, but I do know how to create experiences and tell a travel or gourmet story, and The Pompadour, has quite and interesting one, lead by this legion of young professionals, who will blow you away with the style, knowledge and artistry, and make your dining experience a truly memorable one.  Continue reading The Pompadour Restaurant