LAN designs new VIP Lounges

LAN designs new VIP Lounges  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  LAN keeps growing, reengeneering  and becoming more sophisticated, leading as the best airline in South America. Example of this, is the current process of designing its new VIP Lounges.
Moving away from under the wings of the American AirlinesAdmiral Club Lounges, partner in the OneWorld alliance, now LAN has its own VIP Lounge. I had the chance to experience this myself, yesterday at the brand new VIP Lounge located at EZEIZA International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the new recently inaugurated Terminal B.
Studio Putman, in collaboration with noted Chilean architect Mathias Klotz. Comfortable, spacious, impeccable service and lovely food and beverages spread. Located in between gates 9 and 10. My favorites, the Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne branded for LAN. The showers, although EZEIZA is not an airport known for connections.
I was able to access since I was flying LAN Business Premium Class, but this lounge hosting a maximum of 146 people, can be access by all those passengers flying Business or being Zafiro/Emerald on OneWorld. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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LAN Airlines Business Premium Class

LAN Airlines Business Premium Class  |  LAN Airlines |  Last night I had a lovely flight onboard LAN Airlines Boeing 767, southbound New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina with connection in Santiago de Chile. Total flight time 13 hours.Was a very comfortable and pleasant experience. I got my Business Premium Class window seat, express boarding and access to the Mistral VIP Lounge during my connection in Santiago de Chile, where I was able to take a refreshing shower and enjoy some bubbles.

A configuration of 30 Business Premium Class full 180 degrees seats/beds. This class has been specially created so that you really have the chance to unwind during your flight. Its cabin has been redesigned and you’ll sleep easily and pleasantly in its seats/beds. Take advantage of the way this class has been designed, down to the smallest details, as well as its exceptional service.
Seats recline and become 100% horizontal, turning into beds that are 23 inches wide and 73 inches long. The distance between seats increases to 74 inches, 32% more per passenger and far superior to that offered by other airlines.
Excellent service. You’ll be charmed by the friendliness of our flight attendants and more than pleasantly surprised by the exquisite menu and fantastic wine list. Call me snob or old style, but I love those airlines that style roll the trolleys and served directly from there. Such a small detail, that makes a huge difference in style and service.
A special menu created by well-know chefs and which includes typical, fresh South American produce. We also offer a selection of the finest wines from this part of the world, chosen by the only Master Sommelier in Latin America, Hector Vergara. I enjoyed a lovely Artichoke Soup, with a selection of cheeses and as the main course a Salmon. All with Torrontes Argentinean wines. Multiple options for dessert.
Each seat has a high-definition screen measuring 15.4 inches and an audio-video system which can be used at the passenger’s discretion, with a choice of 30 films (6 premieres and 24 blockbusters), 52 channels with series, 350 CDs and 14 games (only on indicated flights). They do not have the Noise Canceling BOSE headsets that I like, but something similar. I watched ARGO, while I was getting ready to fall asleep using the comfortable full bed configuration. The crew provided me with a nice pillow and a immaculate soft white blanket.
After a well deserved rest, I was gently woken up with my selection of Breakfast, 1 hour prior arrival to Santiago de Chile. I chose the selection of juices, hot beverages, pastries and other items the night before, so all I heard upon waking up was Good Morning Mr Melia, here is the breakfast of your choice.
The Amenity Kit by Salvatore Ferragamo is the perfect size, and includes hands and face moisturizers, lip balm, among many other things in a nice brown shade.
The seats might look narrow, and at first I thought I was going to feel a bit claustrophobic, but once I sat down, it was the perfect size, orientation and offers total privacy in case you are traveling solo willing to either rest or work. The armrest, has a panel you can pull up and have total privacy. Seats also offer iPhone/iPod connection and electricity outlets.
The plane took off on time from JFK International Airport and landed in Santiago de Chile slightly ahead schedule. From there a short and easy connection to my final flight to Buenos Aires.
At MISTRAL Vip Lounge at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, I have time to unwind, take a refreshing shower, check my emails and enjoy some bubbles before boarding my connecting flight. VIP Salons have fridges, telephones and computers. Some have showers and a wide range of business facilities and meeting rooms.
Without a doubt, I consider LAN Airlines as one of the TOP options to fly from New York City to any South American destination. This is not my first time flying LAN Airlines Business Premium Class. Last time I flew New York to Lima, Peru, and was also a very pleasant experience. Member of the OneWorld alliance, allows you to accrue miles on many of your favorite airlines. Departure from JFK Airport is from Terminal 8. Such a relief to know that in 10 days I will be flying back to New York enjoying the same level of service and comfort. Reporting LIVE from the Premium Business Class Cabin. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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EZEIZA Airport brand new international terminal

EZEIZA Airport brand new international terminal  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  To my great surprise, two days ago while at EZEIZA International Airport to take my flight back to New York, I found out that the new Terminal B is ready and operative. I had to wait at the airport for over 3 hours, on a very warm summer day, where the air conditioning wasn’t working as it should, and I had nothing to do at the old Terminal A. So I decided to wonder around the airport, the Duty Free Shop and alleys of the airport. All of the sudden I found this new corridor, which had in the distance a new restaurant/cafe I had never seen before, so I walked towards it…. and WOW Airport heaven unfolded before my eyes.

To be compared with international airports worldwide, well made me feel out of Argentina right away, and those of you that have been to Terminals A and C, you guys know what I am talking about. So happy to see that my country has an International Airpot  like this. Literally airport heaven, with lots of restaurants, cafes, a brand new Duty FREE Shop, lots of brand new and comfortable seating areas, full blasting air conditioning and the most important – well at least to me – lots of power outlets and FREE Speed WiFi.
Five new jet bridges have been added to the total of Ezeiza International Airport. Every month more and more airlines are adding Argentina and Buenos Aires, as their destination, like Emirates, Qatar or the lasted addition Turkish Airlines.
Other news are that from now on, you do not need to fill out any forms to enter to Argentina or to clear immigrations. Now all is done by BIOMETRICS. This has slowed down the process at immigrations, but hey not everything is perfect. I hope next step will be to have a few Global Entry Stands in the future, for Argentineans and/or members of the Mercosur. Finally for those of you having to pay the reciprocity FEE to enter to Argentina, know that they have launched this site, where you can do this tedious process upon your arrival, check this website @ Direccion Nacional de Migraciones.
New Airline Lounges, VIP Lounges and restaurants, and of course even a Starbucks soon the be open. So now you know, when you depart from Ezeiza International Airport, even if you gate is on the old section, take a walk to the new section. Hopefully soon, they will close the old section and do it all over again, or at least for now, on a date with 96 degress, the will have the air conditioning working, after all, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, you guys collects ENOUGH money everyday to keep the air flowing for a few lives. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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