Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires

Myths, Legends and Cafes of Buenos Aires by www.carlosmeliablog.comMyths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Once again in Buenos Aires, city where I was born and left, many years ago, searching for new challenges and adventures. My family still lives in this beautiful city, reason why I visit at least three times a year. Every visit to me is a new discovery, always looking to learn more about it and to find new interesting things to share with all my followers and passengers. This time, expert guide Victoria Lustig, came my way and willing to work with me, she offer to take me around, to see a different side of it. My first reaction was, well what can she show me that I have not seen yet. I was right, she didn’t show me much I haven’t seen before, BUT she made me understand things and see others I have never noticed for luck of attention or knowledge. Travel should always be and “Experience” and a “Life Changing Moment”, and this tour gave me that.  Continue reading Myths, Legends & Cafes of Buenos Aires


Museo EVITA by Museo EVITA  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Slowly I am catching up on my report on my last trip to Buenos Aires. One of the things I did was to visit the Museo EVITA. This was not the first time I came to visit this house, but it was indeed the first time I really made the effort to spend time and learn more about this woman who defied the times she lived. I am not one of her fans AT ALL, but I must admit she became a global icon, and for that my respect and interest, personal opinions and believes aside. To me, ignorance is the worst enemy of a point of view, and I totally disagree with the saying …”What you don’t know, wont hurt you…” on the contrary, so off I went to learn more about this polemic and controversial lady. Visit the Museum, and make your own conclusions.

Museo EVITA by www.carlosmeliablog.comEva Duarte, the little girl from the province of Buenos Aires which became known actress. Eva Peron, the wife of the beloved leader, leader herself, responsible for major changes within the Argentinean society. Evita, the myth, admired/hated figure in the world, potentiated by her untimely death.
Museo EVITA by The Permanent Exhibition is organized circularly, starting with the evocation of Evita’s funeral through a short audiovisual presentation. The museum tour is proposed for the visitor, almost linear, chronological way, from Evita childhood, her family, the years of childhood and adolescence, the trip to Buenos Aires from Los Toldos, its beginnings in the world entertainment: radio and film. Then it will first encounter with Peron, her role as First Lady, the European tour, women’s suffrage, the creation of the Female Peronist Party and his work with state policies. All this, telling the seven years of public life and her active and direct social assistance, to its historic renunciation and the illness that led to an unexpected end. Finally the tour takes visitors to a space which presents the legacy of thought and work of Evita.
Museo EVITA by www.carlosmeliablog.comMuseo EVITA is located at Lafinur 2988, in the city of Buenos Aires. (open Tuesdays – Sundays 11AM to 7PM) For more information I have my own point of view, as Argentinean and as a person that has taken the time to learn about her life, work and legacy… unfortunately I must say I stand on the opposite side from those who cherish and idolize her, but always good to learn about facts and the history of your heritage, and on top of that you get to see all the great looks she wore throughout the years.
Coca Sarli at Museo Evita by www.carlosmeliablog.comNow the highlight of my visit, was the Temporal Exhibition “100×100 Argentino” including billboards of other iconic personalities of Argentina. 100 Argentine personalities, from politics, sports, science, art, portrayed in an exercise that requires young people to connect with personalities of the last 100 years. I fell in love, particularly with the one on Coca Sarli, a retired Argentine actress, and glamour model, known for her sexploitation films. Sarli is a considered a cultural icon and the quintessential sex symbol in her home country.  CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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Legado Mitico Buenos Aires

Legado Mitico Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Last week I had the chance to spend a night at the Legado Mitico Buenos Aires, a charming emblematic boutique hotel in the neighborhood of Palermo SOHO. Born to provide their guests with excellent service and transmit the best of Argentinean history and culture. They are emblematic because they reflect the Argentinean identity.  Continue reading Legado Mitico Buenos Aires

Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires

Cemetery of Recoelta and EVITA in Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This are the things I do with my iPhone when I am bored in Buenos Aires. Hope you enjoy my video of the Cemetery of Recoleta and EVITA Peron. One of the true landmarks of the city, and one of the iconic notable figures of the history of Argentina, hated by many and loved by others. Cemetery of Recoleta, literally a ghost town with lots of dead ends. CM

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EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires

EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |   Whether you are a great fan of Evita, a tourist looking to learn more about her myth, passion and love or a local that either hate or love her, EVITA Vive is a good show to see both sides of an iconic international personality that has captivated the world with her charisma. In one hour and a half you will learn about the largest and most controversial female icon in Argentinean history. Located in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood on the ground floor of Moreno Boutique Hotel. Continue reading EVITA Vive Show and Dinner Buenos Aires

Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  This morning by invitation of personal friend and great knowledgeable local guide Nicolas Iwanuszka, I came to do the tour of Casa Rosada, where he is one of the leading tour guides. If you ever wanted to see the Casa Rosada up close and personal, then come Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10AM to 6PM and take one of the FREE Tours, which will take you in full access to all rooms, almost all balconies and even to the presidential office. My first time inside the Casa Rosada was when I was 5 years old, and since then I never came back in, so I was quite excited about it. (photo above is the Salon Blanco or White Room) Continue reading Up close and personal with the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

City Tour of Buenos Aires

City Tour of Buenos Aires |  Buenos Aires |  Argentina  |  The best way to get to know this amazing city in only 3 hours. City Tour of Buenos Aires can be customized either for Gay or Straight customers. You may not get to see all areas deep into detail, but it will give you a general idea on which neighborhoods are your favorite and a general perspective on the pace and identity of the city. During the length of your tour, take advantage of the knowledge of our guide and strain their brains out for tips on cool and trendy restaurants, bars and hot spots in the city. I would strongly suggest to do this tour on the first or second day of arrival, to better understand, enjoy and take advantage of Buenos Aires. This tour can either be done on Private Transportation w/driver or using Public Transportation.

The tour will take you following the pace of the history and development of the city. La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, Downtown, Retiro, Recoleta and Cemetery, Palermo, Palermo SOHO, Palermo Parks and Belgrano.

The tour can be customized to your choice or needs and any point. So if you feel like staying longer in a particular area, or would like to do any particular activity, like shopping for leather…, please let us know in advance to include it in our itinerary.

Pick ups and Drop offs are at you hotel, unless you prefer a different location. The time and schedule is also customize to your needs, but in order to avoid rush hours we suggest (during the summer) 10AM or 04PM pick ups, and (during the winter) 11AM or 3PM pick ups.
with Private Transportation
– USD 200 x 01 person / USD 230 x 02 people
with Public Transportation – USD 100 x 01 person / USD 130 x 02 people
(*) extra person USD 45


with Transportation – USD 25 x  person

(*) Private Tours with private transportation include bilingual guide + private car w/driver. Private Tours with public transportation include bilingual guide, you will move around the city using bus, taxi and/or subway. In this case transportation expenses are on your own.
City Tour of Buenos Aires can be customized either for Gay or Straight customers. Is with no doubt the best way to get to know the city. A short but complete introduction to the city and its happening, visiting the main tourist attractions and neighborhoods.

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05 hours Tour of Buenos Aires in Photos

Madres of Plaza de Mayo
Classic and Iconic white handkerchief used by the mothers of those that disappeared during the military regime in Argentina. At Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Pink House.

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
Pink resembling the unity of the White Party and Red Party. Headquarters of the President of Argentina.

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
EVITA’s famous speech to the Descamisados balcony

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
View of Plaza de Mayo from inside the Casa Rosada. Icon of the Bicentenario.

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
Stairs inside the Casa Rosada.

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
Internal Patios of Casa Rosada.

Pink House ” Casa Rosada “
Official guard of the President and the Casa Rosada, the GRANADEROS. Name copied for the official guard or Napoleon Bonaparte.

Former President’s House

La Boca
Caminito Street

La Boca
Maradona + EVITA + Carlos Gardel welcoming you to Caminito.

La Boca
Former port of Buenos Aires. La Boca ( the mouth ) of the Rio de la Plata into the city.

San Telmo
Church of San Telmo. Breathtaking Portuguese style tiles.

San Telmo
Antique Market and the traditional SIFONES.

San Telmo
Antique Market.

San Telmo
Meat and Fruit Market.

San Telmo
Bars and Restaurants of San Telmo.

San Telmo
Houses of San Telmo.

San Telmo
ME Caught into action.

EVITA Peron graveyard
Recoleta Cemetery.

EVITA Peron graveyard
Recoleta Cemetery.

Delta of El Tigre  Private Boat from El Tigre to the city of Buenos Aires. ME + Ian Yapp + Tres Orena. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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